I sit here I can't remember what I'm doing or how I got here I long for my home but there's no way I can't see where I'm going or where I've been my life is a blur of pain and lust and insanity I dont know who my friends are and my enemies they all have the same faces, laughing and taunting who are they who are you what are they laughing about all the random shit that projects itself manifests itself it strangles me I can't find myself I don't know who I am or what I'm doing here I don't know where I've been or what I've done I'm a girl who wants answers who wants the truth who doesn't want to feel the pain who doesn't want to face the truth the truth hurts but nothing hurts as much as the lie as the lies you've fed to me I'm just a girl.

Ok, call me a sell out, but I'm poor and desperate. And I have a button-maker. I have decided to make and sell 1-inch buttons for people. Custom buttons.

Picking your design:
You can design your own and send me the image (You can get the template here.), or you can send me a picture and I'll Photoshop the hell out of it and make it look really cool (see my other designs), or just tell me what you want it to say and I'll decide how it'll look cool (remember that I *am* quite talented *and* and a design major).

Once you decide what you want your button to look like, e-mail me the info/pictures and then I'll contact you about payment/shipping/etc.

1 - 5 button(s) = $1 each
6-15 buttons = $0.75 each
16-30 buttons = $0.50 each
31+ buttons = $0.25 each

* Note: (I cannot make buttons on a large scale and so I cannot fill orders greater than 100, except under special circumstances.)

Shipping will be as cheap as possible. If I can make it cost $0.37, I will. Also, If you want to pick it up instead of paying for shipping, we can work something out.

All button designs are printed on color laserprinter paper and are really good quality.

Questions? E-mail me at GrlPunkStr@aol.com. Make sure to put "Buttons" in the subject line.