Sunday, August 3 2003

i am so tired. i've hardly slept in weeks. and why am i up at 8 in the morning? that's my little secret.

i saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Let me be the first to say that if you refuse to see that movie you've got to be a freaking moron. It's the single most entertaining movie I've ever seen. I love that movie. It "rocked out with its cock out" (thanks Dia). I never wanted it to end. But then it did. And now I want to see it again. My coworker has already seen it 3 times. It's only been out for like 2 weeks. Well, she saw it 3 times in 2 weeks anyway. She says she wants to see it again but has no more money. Sucks for her.

i have to work today. weaksauce.

Last night Jacob and I went to Safeway at 2 in the morning and bought popsicles, gatorade, gummy bears, and trail mix. Red gummy bears are one of my "simple pleasures". I think everybody should compose a list of their simple pleasures.

I'm so tired. maybe i can sneak in another 3 hours of sleep before work.

End of transmission, 8:03.

Mood of the Day: [tired]
Person of the Day: Jacob
Runners up: Timo, Dia, and Ross

* * *

Monday, August 4 2003

Eric's dead.

I don't want to talk about it.

End of transmission, 10:04.

Mood of the Day: [numb]
Friend of the Day: Eric, Rest in Peace.

* * *

Friday, August 15 2003

Well, I feel a lot better. Eric died on August 2nd and I took it pretty hard. He was a good friend of mine and the shock of his death made it worse, I think. The article in the San Francisco Chronicle made it sound like he suffered for a while. I had no idea...

So aside from Eric's death, I've been doing very well. I've been doing great, emotionall speaking, for personal reasons. I don't wish to share them at this time.

I made a really good lunch today. I made a fetuccine dish with a potato cream sauce with large chunks of chicken. It was way good. Timo and Vineta enjoyed it. I love having Timo here. He's a lot of fun.

End of transmission, 13:32.

Mood of the Day:[good]
Song of the Day: "Dethrone Tyranny" by Gammy Ray
Person of the Day: Timmy

* * *

Saturday, August 16 2003

yesterday i fell asleep in the afternoon and was awoken when my boss called me to find out where the hell i was. i got dressed in like 2 seconds and then frantically called/IMed around to find a ride to work. I was freaking out because I was already like 15 minutes late. Jacob was in LA, Matty was at the Taproot concert, Don was at work, Larry wasn't answering my IMs, etc. I called Sachi and she was at Safeway with Vanessa. She said she would take me to work and they were in front of my house within minutes. Vanessa was driving Sachi's car, and with her maniac driving speeds I was only half an hour late to work. Only. It sucked and I felt horrible. I *never* fall asleep during the day, so that was completely unlike me. How shitty. And I'm never late to work, too. So the point of my story is that Sachi and Vanessa rock. They're awesome.

Yesterday at work about 15-20 deaf kids came in and each ordered by writing their drinks on little slips of paper. It took forever. It was sort of weird because we didn't even realize there was a "rush" because they were so quiet. Eeep. Then today a man and a woman came in together and orded 13 drinks. 3 Frappuccinos and 9 iced mochas. We were already busy enough (Annette's grandfather died so she went home early. This left Rico and I by ourselves for over 2 hours. We were both tired and yearning for breaks) and then we had to make 13 drinks. At least they werent all hot drinks. That would have taken ass years. Anyway, after the whole thing they didn't even tip us. Not even one lousy penny. Those bitches.

So work was okay today, even if I was exhausted, breakless, and overworked. I rode my bike home and even though it took me half an hour to get home, it pleasant. I took the bike tunnel from campus to my house, and there were all sort of glossy-eyed critters running across the path. I saw squirrels, a chipmunk or 2 (do those even live in California?), and even some rabbits. It was like something out of Snow White.

I've been marinating a 1 lb. piece of chicken in my fridge for over 24 hours now. I bet its gonna be mighty juicy for dinner tonight.

End of transmission, 17:46.

* * *

so i cooked the chicken i had been marinating for 30+ hours. it was waaaaaaaaay good, but i got so impatient waiting for it to cook that i ate it "rare". it was sort of gross in that uncooked chicken sort of way. i ended up throwing about 1/3 of it away, but the rest of it was way good. i hope i don't get food poisoning or anything weird like that...

End of transmission, 20:03.

Mood of the Day: [exhausted]
Song of the Day: "Bring on the Dancing Horses" by Echo and the Bunnymen
Person of the Day: Mario

* * *

Sunday, August 17 2003

Today at work I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had large brown doey eyes and dark brown hair and she looked like something out of a Disney movie. Actually, she looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was really pretty. Her name was Juliette. How perfect.

Today at work these two girls (I'm assuming they were friends) ordered an iced mocha and an iced caramel macchiato. the girl that ordered the iced mocha returned it to us saying, "it tasted like crap. Sorry, but this tastes like crap. Can I have a caramal macchiato instead? This really tastes like crap." What a bitch. That's so rude.

Today after work I called Timmy to drive me home but he was in Vacaville so he couldn't do it. I called Matty and asked him for a ride but he was in Reno. I called Don and he didn't answer his phone. Jacob is in Los Angeles. Who the fuck knows where Larry was. I was pretty much fucked, and I went back inside and started talking to Johnathan, a regular. He happened to be finishing up his studying for the day and was heading home. I told him my dilemma and he was sooooo nice. He rode his bike home and then returned with his truck and drove me home. That was so nice of him. Johnathan rocks. I couldn't have taken the bus because the bus doesn't run on Sundays, and I couldn't walk (well, I could have...) home because I live like 5 miles away from home. Or further. It's far as hell. So the point of this story is that Johnathan (and other friendly people) are awesome.

My boss Sarah might sell me her old car for $500. It's a 1986 Toyota Camry. Should I do it? I think it has like 130,000 miles on it. All it needs is new break pads (I think). I think I might do it.

End of transmission, 19:40.

Mood of the Day: [bored]
Song of the Day: "Fire Below" by Gamma Ray

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