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1. What did the flag say when Kenny was impaled on the flag pole?

2. Who said, "Let's search for treasure"?

3. What is the monster named in the bus episode, City on the Edge of Forever?
The Monster
Big Black Scary Monster
Big Scary Monster

4. What is Terrance's daughter's name?

5. What racist group did Cartman's final Halloween costume take after?

6. What phrase do the South Park Police Department cars have on them?
To Serve and Protect
To Patronize and Annoy
To Ignore and Have No Clue

7. What is the name of Cartman's tree house?

8. In Clubhouses, one of the girls that Kenny and Cartman invite to their clubhouse is wearing a shirt that has a band on it. What is it?

9. In Jewbilee, what did Moses order the Jews to make as a final offering at the end of the episode?
Paper Plate Shakers with beans inside so that when you shake them they make noise and with glitter glued to the outside
A hard macaroni necklace made with macaroni and string to hang around your neck
Popsicle stick crafts made by the little Jews with extra glue seeping out of all the sticks and some glitter in the glue to make it shine

10. In "Death", how did Kenny sign his note that told Mr. Garrison that he had Diarrhea?

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