‘Dawn III: Victory With Justice’

Dianne L.

(1st draft: March 10, 1999) (2nd draft: April 12, 1999)

Road Rovers are a trademark of Warner Bros. Animation, 1996-99.

Hope bit her nails nervously as Austin carried Dawn in the room where the transdogmafiers are. Along with them are the Master, and the Road Rovers.

“Are you sure she’s ready for this? I mean it was only a week ago that she got out of that coma...,” Hope piped up.

“Oh, she’ll be fine!” Colleen reassured her. “She’s recovering quickly. Look at her!”

Dawn was indeed looking well and healthy. Her tongue was rolling out, and her gray eyes twinkled, mischieviously. Austin was laughing at her.

“Now, Austin,” Hope started, “be careful, and put her down gently-”

Before Hope could finish, Dawn leaped out of Austin’s arms. Hope’s hand flew to her heart as she let out a frightened gasp. Dawn just merrily pranced around the floor, going around in a circle once or twice. She looked at the alarmed Hope, who looked like she was either going to hyperventilate or scream. Austin looked at the two of them, and bit his lower lip to prevent himself from laughing.

Exile and Blitz let out a chortle. Colleen started giggling. Shag chuckled. Hunter’s shoulders were moving up and down. Austin couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he bursts out laughing.

Arms crossed, Hope gave them all an evil look. “This is not funny!”

“I’m sorry!” Austin apologized between laughter.

Hope just rolled her eyes. Dawn yawned, becoming bored. She sat down and began scratching behind her ear vigorously.

“Maybe we should get her checked for fleas first,” Exile commented, pointing at Dawn.

“Do it, Hunter,” the Master said.

Hunter called Dawn. Wagging her tail, she followed obediently. Hunter kneeled infront of a transdogmafier, while Dawn sniffed the machine curiously.

“Go on in, girl,” Hunter coaxed. He pointed inside. “Go!”

Dawn barked, and leapt inside the transdogmafier. The machine did it’s magic, and Dawn appeared from behind the curtain of smoke.

“Too kewl!!!” Dawn uttered her first human words. She put out an arm before her, and tested her fingers. She looked down at her Road Rover attire. “So kewl! Silver and blue! Yeah, baby!” She wrinkled her nose. “Pants are a little tight, though...”

“Funny,” Hunter said, scratching his head, “they usually complain that it’s to loose...”

“I feel a sinking sensation in my stomach,” Hope said, her hands on her hips, but she was smiling.

Austin squeezed Hope’s shoulders. “I know what you mean, mate!”

“Hope! Austin!” Dawn squealed. “Don’t I look good or don’t I look good?!” She twirled around. Her height was average, and her fur was still light gold, but her hair was a more darker contrast. Her hair ran past her shoulders, and she had a tangle of bangs. Her gray eyes twinkled even more.

“I’m glad you like your new form, Dawn,” the Master said. “I hope you’re ready to go to court to testify against Gastonia Grosse.”

For a second, an expression of pain whipped through Dawn’s face, but she recovered. She pasted on a sunshine-y smile, and saluted the master. “You betcha!”

“Well, then, let’s hit the road, Rovers!” Hunter said.

The Super Jet Rover flew in the deep, blue skies. It’s the Jet Rover but with more seats, weapons, and entertainment. Including a TV, which was tuned on to the Rovers’ favorite station.

“United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru....,” Yakko sang from the television. Dawn was bouncing up and down to the tune, clapping once in a while. She giggled intensively.

“She acts the same when she was a normal dog,” Austin told Hope.

“Unfortunately for us,” Hope said, rolling her eyes.

“Animaniacs was one of the few cartoons she and Dianne use to wake up to at Saturday mornings,six o’clock.... and us too! Dianne didn’t try and lower the volume, or anything!” Austin laughed. He stopped when he saw that Hope was not laughing.

“Yeah... good old days...,” Hope whispered, staring at Dawn with teary eyes.

“... and Malta, Palestine, Fiji, Australia, Sudan!” Dawn sang out loud with Yakko, finishing the song. She threw her arms in the air, yelling, “Yay!”

Blitz and Exile were both staring at her, their mouth slightly opened, and one of their eyebrows raised. Dawn caught them both staring at her, and she just waved gleefully at them.

“I’m choosing to pretend that I never saw that,” Exile said.

“Dawn, please buckle up,” Hunter said.

“’Kay,” Dawn obliged, strapping on her seatbelt. “Sorry!”

“It’s all right,” Hunter said.

Dawn grabbed the remote control, tapping it against her chin. “Mmm... what should we watch now?”

Shag turned around, and said something to Dawn.

“But Shaggy! We just watched the cooking channel a minute ago!”

Shag whimpered.

“Oh, all right,” Dawn said, smiling. She handed Shag the remote.

“Rah- thank you!” Shag said. He settled himself watching a Chinese chef chop up a carrot in the speed of light.

Hunter, who is flying the plane, fiddled around with the radio. “It’s so hard to pick up a good station thousands of feet in the air!”

Colleen was at the passenger seat next to him, her arms crossed. “Well, we were listening to perfectly good music until you started playing with that thing!”

“Shania Twain is great, Colleen, but I’m looking for more rock and roll!” Hunter said.

“Whatever. Rock is dead,” Colleen said.

“No it isn’t,” Hunter replied.

“Yes it is,” Colleen argued.

“No, country should be the dead one,” Hunter said.

“Shania Twain is not country!”

“Uh, yes she is.”

“No she’s not. She doesn’t sound country!”

“Oh, and she got nominated for the Best Country Artist in the Grammy because....?”

“Oh, stop it, Hunter!” Colleen cried, turning away from him. “You are so- WHOA!”

The jet suddenly shook violently, almost throwing the passengers off their seats.

“What was that?” Dawn yelled from the back of the jet.

“What’s wrong, Hunter?” Exile asked.

Hunter gripped the wheel tightly. “Someone’s attacking from behind!!!”

Austin looked back. Behind them was a similar black jet, but the design on the nozzle was different. It was feline. “Mates! It’s Gastonia’s cats!”

“The cats?!” Dawn whispered, sharply. She caught Hope’s eyes, who was looking at her pitifully. She gave her an encouraging smile. She brightened her face. “Whoo! Do we get to kick kitty litter tush?!”

“We try to avoid violent confrontations at all times,” Hunter said.

“Oh...,” Dawn said, looking a little disappointed.

“Oh, don’t worry, guv!” Colleen said. “Hunter said we “try”... We hardly succeed! Avoiding violent confrontations is impossible for us. We are the products of the Warner Brothers’ Animation studio!”

Dawn paused, looking bewildered by Colleen’s response. She shrugged her shoulder, and put her fist in the air. “Yay!” Then, she grabbed the sides of her chair when Hunter swerved the jet wildly to avoid a missile from the cats.

“They’re gaining on us!” Blitz announced, pressing his hands at the window.

“I’m doing the best I can!” Hunter said.

“Shouldn’t we retaliate?” Colleen asked.

“Good idea!” Hunter replied.

Colleen locked on their target, and fired a missile back at them. It missed the cats by an inch. The cats began shooting rapidly with laser weapons. Hunter gritted his teeth in concentration, trying his best not to get hit.

Blitz was praying, practically in tears. “Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!”

Dawn patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Blitzy, we’ll be fine!”

“You think so?” Blitz asked, a little twinkle of hope was in his eyes.

“Sure!” Dawn said. “You guys are Road Rovers! What’s the worst that could happen? I mean, from the top of my head, we could just get shot down by a powerful missile, crash into Earth nose down, explode into pieces, and were gonna have to get cleaned up by pooper scoopers!”

Blitz stared at her for moment, lower lip trembling. He bursts into a loud sob, and began crying, hysterically.

“Dawn!” Hope yelled, sternly. Her hands on her hips.

Dawn turned, and groaned at the sight of Hope’s angry face, “Euw...!” She grinned, guiltily and shrugged. “I was just trying to help!”

Austin was slapping his knees, laughing. “You’re too much, Dawn!” Hope turned to him, giving him the same evil eye. He stopped laughing and imitated Dawn, “Euw...!”

Hope hit him on the shoulder. “Why do you encourage her like that!?”

Austin was scratching behind his neck. “What?! I’m her friend, not father! it’s not our place to discipline her you know!”

“Yeah, Hope, sheesh! Get a grip!” Dawn added.

Hope sighed, realizing that she was outnumbered. She accepted defeat. “Fine!”

Exile was looking up. “Bolshoid, Comrades! They’re landing on top of us!” The whole top of their jet was only glass, and they could see the jet clearly. the Jet Rover shook as the cat’s jet landed.

“Hakuna Matta, what a wonderful phrase!” Dawn began singing. “Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no fashion craze!” Everyone was staring at her, giving her odd looks.

“Dawn...?” Austin trailed off.

“Come on, everybody!” Dawn urged. “It’s a great way to relese stress! It means no worries, for the rest of your-- MMfh!”

Hope grabbed Dawn’s muzzle, shutting it close. “Dawn!”

There was a tapping above them. All the Rovers look up to see all six cats waving at them. Jack’s claws shot out from his fingers, and he began clawing at the glass.

“Hunter!” Colleen cried.

“ I would not have predicted this... Hang on, everybody! I’m gonna try and throw them off!” Hunter announced.

“Eeew! Cat go down and go splat!” Dawn commented, pullling away from Hope’s grasp.

Hunter began swerving the jet violently. Blitz screamed, while the rest of the Rovers grabbed on their seats for their lives.

“It’s not working, Comrade Hunter,” Exile told him.

The cats stood their ground on top of the Jet Rover. Jack was shaking his finger at them as if they were some naughty pre- schoolers.

“That’s it!” Hunter said. “Colleen, take over the driving....”

“Yay!” Colleen squealed, clapping her hands together. She eagerly grabbed the wheel away from Hunter, who stood up.

“Exile, Blitz, Shag, Austin, you guys come with me. Open the door, Colleen,” Hunter ordered.

Colleen pushed a button, opening the door, and a gust of strong wind blew in.

“I don’t wanna go!” Blitz said, shaking his head vigorously. He eyed Carla, who was clawing at him.

“I’ll let you bite their tushies...?” Hunter offered.

“Okay,” Blits readily agreed.

“Let’s go!” Hunter said, grabbing a tennis ball-launcher. The other men followed him, grabbing their weapons.

“Be careful, Austin!” Hope yelled, as Dawn pushed her infront with Colleen.

“Sit,” Dawn said, pushing her down the passenger seat.

“You...?” Hope asked.

“I’ll be right here,” Dawn said, grabbing hold of the backrests of Colleen and Hope’s seats, but she was watching the fight outside carefully.

Exile and Blitz were trying to balance themselves on the right wing of the Jet Rover. They were against Winston, Carla, and George. Carla was chasing Blitz, who was trying to leap on him, making awful screeching noises. Blitz was chasing after Winston, trying to bite his tuchus and making gnawing noises. George was giving Exile a very tight hug, making his eyes bulge.

On top of the Jet rover were Hunter and Austin against Jack, Jacky, and Samantha. Hunter was trying to carefully aim his tennis ball- launcher, so he wouldn’t damage the Jet Rover. He couldn’t succeed in bringing down any of the cats either. Austin tried to put Samantha in a headlock, but she grabbed him, and threw him. he landed on his back right infront of Hunter.

“You okay, buddy?” Hunter asked.

“I’m getting the hang of this, I think...,” Austin answered, rubbing his back. he stood up, and turned around. He was immediately facing Samantha, who was grinning evilly at him. Her feet kicked up, and hit him under his chin. He fell back, groaning.

“You’re getting there...,” Hunter said, trying his best to sound encouraging.

“It’s like making glacier that made the plane sink,” Exile said. He was looking at the large George icicle.

“It’s a ship, Exile, the Titanic,” Blitz corrected him, still running around with Winston, and Carla.

Exile cocked his head at George, and started chuckling. “I see the resemblance, Blitz!” He frowned. “The jet is tilting...” He looked at Colleen, and she was gesturing for him to push of George. Exile looked down, and saw that they where right above the New York Bay. “Okey- dokey!” He began pushing the frozen George, grunting with strain.

Carla was just running past them, when Exile gave one final shove.

“NO!” Carla screeched. She fell of the wing with George.

Taking advantage of Carla’s disapperance, Blitz lunged forward and got a mouthful of Blitz’s posterior.

“ARGH! Gethimoffgethimoffgethimoff!” Winston was screaming, still running. He was focused on Blitz and didn’t realize that he was at the edge of the wing, until it was too late. Blitz watched as he trashed wildly in the air, and headed for the bay.

“Hunter! I’ve got an idea...,” Austin said, and whispered the rest to Hunter’s ears.

“No secrets!” Jack hissed.

Hunter was smiling, a mischievious twinkle in his narrowed eyes. “Sure, Jack, I’ll show you our little secrets... I don’t think you’ll like it, though.”

“Why? Is it about me?” Jack pouted, ridiculing.

“You betcha!” Hunter once again aimed his launcher, but not on any of the cats. He swung it around, and aimed for the cats’ jet.

Jacky gasped, as Hunter fired. The jet’s hold let go of the Jet Rover, and lifted into the air, but it wasn’t moving anywhere. The Jet Rover zoomed past it, and it’s left wing hit Samantha and Jacky, taking them with it. Jack had ducked, and he stayed on the Jet Rover facing Hunter.

“You stupid dog!” Jack screamed.

“Stop screaming!” Hunter yelled back. “Austin, see if the other’s needs help!”

“But-” Austin started.

“I can take care of him alone, don’t worry. Go!”

Austin nodded. He hopped back inside the jet.

“If anything happened to my sister, I swear....,” Jack threatened. He charged forward to attack Hunter. They struggled for awhile, but Jack managed to pin him down, similar to the first time they met.

Inside the jet, the other Rovers were busily watching the cats that had gone into the river. Samantha and Jacky had gone back inside their own jet. It wouldn’t fly anymore, so it transformed into a submarine, as it crashed into the New York Bay. The only one that noticed that Hunter was in trouble was Dawn. She watched wide eyed as Jack raised his claws.

“This time, I’m gonna finish you off!” Jack hissed.

“Okay, but don’t kiss me!” Hunter joked, but he cringed. He closed his eyes. Suddenly, there were mixes of screams, and Jack’s weight was lifted of him. He opened his eyes, and immediately stood up. He saw Dawn and Jack holding on to each other’s wrist, trying to gain advantage of each other.

“I know you!” Jack said, his eyes growing from recognition. He pushed her back a little. “You were that dumb dog that pushed me off the mutt the first time round!”

“Yeah, well, everyone knows Hunter is taken,” Dawn sneered back at him. She was pushed a couple of steps back again.

“You’ve changed,” Jack said, looking her up and down quickly. “My, how you’ve grown, but you’re still not that strong!” He pushed her back, making her gasp.

Dawn felt her feet gave away as she fell of the edge.

“NO!” Hunter screamed.

Jack was laughing hysterically.

“Dawn!” Hope shrieked from inside the Jet Rover. She watched, terrified, as Dawn disappeared into the clouds.

Hunter glared at Jack. “You stupid... ARGH!” With his adrelanine pumping, he pushed Jack, who fell, screaming.

“Dawn...,” Hunter whispered, sadly. The clouds parted just enough for Hunter to see Jack make a giant splash into the bay, but there was no sign of Dawn.


Dawn’s eyes were tightly shut, and she felt the rushing air tickle trough her skin. Cold air. Her heart was going a million beats per second. She was terrified. All she could think off was the Road Rovers, Austin, and Hope.

Her ears popped because of the pressure in the air. The air was getting warmer, and she knew that in only a few seconds... She began to cry softly. This wasn’t fair!

Then, her body began to take action by itself, and Dawn felt mysteriously relax. She gave all control to her subconscious. Her body starightened out, and she felt her feet land lightly on something hard. She crumpled on the ground, her body giving her mind back the authority to work her legs.

Dawn opened her eyes, and found her self on the roof of an apartment building, surrounded by chimneys, and a few satellite dishes. She was puzzled.


Then, she understood as her brain began to process the event. Her body had released a hidden ability that had remained dormant until it was performed. She had a superpower.

“ Too kewl!” Dawn cried, grinning slowly.

She heard the jet Rover fly past above her. She looked up, shielding her eyes from the sun. She began to run, and as she reached the edge of the building’s roof, she jumped. She landed on the next available roof, as lightly as the first time. She followed the Jet Rover, leaping from one building to another.


Gloomily, the Road Rovers walked out of the airport, where they had landed the Jet Rover.

“I can’t believe it...,” Colleen trailed off.

“Just like that...,” Exile murmured.

Hope sighed, wiping away tears. “What an irony... An ugly irony.” Austin patted her shoulders, comforting.

Shag hugged Hunter, whimpering loudly. Hunter patted him, hugging him back. “I know Shagster, I know.”

“And she was such a pretty girl doggy too!” Blitz added.

“I called Mission Control, and the Master is sending someone to find...,” Hunter paused, looking at Hope and Autin, who were both very upset, “...her.” He looked around, and spotted a group of reporters. “Uh- oh, looks like someone tipped them off. We better get out of here, unless we want to get mobbed.”

“What’s wrong with humans wanting to admire my prettiness?” Blitz asked.

“Don’t be a weired boy,” Exile said, shaking his head.

“Hey!” Blitz whined, pointing. “They’re not even paying attention to us!!Who’s more important that us?!”

“I don’t know...,” Hunter grumbled, he was getting on his tippy toes to see who the press were encircling. He hopped up a few times. Finally, the cameras blocking his ways parted. He froze, his jaw dropping on the ground. “Yet another unexpected twist!”

“Bummer?” Colleen offered.

“Look who it is!” Hunter cried, sounding happy, almost laughing.

The Rovers turned their heads to where he was pointing.

“Bolshoid!” Exile cried.

Blitz followed him with a girly scream.

Shag jumped into Hunter’s arms in surprise.

Colleen rubbed her eyes with her closed fists.

Austin began laughing.

Hope shrieked. “DAWN?!?!”

Dawn stooped in mid- laugh as she faced a reporter in a blue suit. She turned to the Rovers’ direction. She smiled widely, waving. She began to weave her way out the mob. “Excuse me. Coming through. Nice hair, you just woke up? Oh, sorry! Oof! Watch it!” She ran towards the dogs, and the reporters and cameramen followed her. “Let’s get out of here!” Dawn didn’t stop and kept on going, holding on to Hunter’s arm, who was looking at her with a bewildered face.


Dawn was squeezed inbetween Austin and Hope in the backseat of the Street Rover. Colleen was driving, and Hunter was sitting in the passenger seat. Hope and Austn were both frowning at Dawn, who was smiling, sheepishly.

“So, you’re saying you have a superpower?” Hope said, slowly. She was frowning.

“That you can make giant jumps without hurting yourself?” Austin added.

Dawn nodded. “Kewl, huh?”

“And, I almost went crazy of the thought that you were dead for nothing?” Hope asked.

“Yes...,” Dawn answered, cautiosly.

Hope grabbed Dawn’s neck, and started chocking her. Dawn was making gagging noises. Austin was laughing.

“Hope! Air! Must... breathe...,” Dawn said, dramatically, holding on to the spaniel’s small wrists.

“I swear if you almost die one more time, Dawn, just one more time! I’ll personally kill you myself!” Hope said through gritted teeth.

“Hunter!” Dawn squealed. “Can I put restraining orders against her?!”

Austin wiped away a tear. “Oh, you girls are too funny!”

Hunter wasn’t listening to them. He was busy focusing on Colleen’s driving techniques on New York’s busy roads. He tightened his seatbelt.

Colleen was honking at a car that they almost crashed into. She stuck her head out the window, and began screaming, “WATCH IT! WHERE DID YOU PEOPLE LEARN HOW TO DRIVE, FOR GOODNESS SAKES?!”

Hunter pulled her back in. “Colleen! Calm down!”

Dawn patted Hunter’s shoulder, reassuringly. “She’s doing fine, Hunter. It’s New York!”

A man from a red car passed next to them, yelling, “STUPID DOGS!!”

Colleen turned red from anger, and yelled back, “WHO ARE YOU CALLING STUPID?! I’M NOT THE ONE WEARING RED WITH YELLOW!”

Hunter shook his head. “Colleen, maybe I should drive...”

“NO!” Colleen screamed in his ears. “Oops! Sorry, Hunty! I didn’t mean to scream!”

Hunter rubbed his ear. “Uh, okay, cool...”

“I wanna drive!” Colleen said, settling back on the chair. “This is fun!”

“Dawn, get off me! Being transdogmafied makes you heavy!” Hope teased.

“Shut up,” Dawn said, pressing her nose against the window. “Were passing Central Park! Look there’s my favorite tree...” She gasped. “Hey! That dog is....” She rolled down the window. “HEY, YO! POODLE! YEAH, YOU! THAT’S MY TREE LEAVE IT ALONE! She’s not....! What the.... NOOOOOO!!!”


Exile was driving another Street Rover, and he was two cars behind Hunter. Sitting next to him was Blitz, and in the backseat was Shag. They watched Dawn, curiosly, whose body is halfway outside the window.

“She looks like she’s screaming,” Blitz observed.

“To who?” Exile asked.

“She’s waving her fist at that poodle by the tree...,” Blitz said.

“Here comes, Colleen... She’s yelling too.”

A hand grabbed Dawn’s collar, and struggled to pull her back down. Dawn refused to go back inside, slapping the hand away.

Exile chuckled. “She’s funny...”

Blitz studied Exile, who was looking at Dawn with half- closed eyes, and small smile. He grinned, widely. “Exile has a cr-u-ush on Da-awn!”

Exile turned red. “No, I don’t! I think she’s a weird girl... not as weird as you... but...”

“Then, why are blushing like a little gurl?” Blitz cooed, teasingly. “Exile and Dawn sitting in a tree...”

Shag began giggling.

Exile’s shoulder’s slumped forward, and he groaned. “I could have stayed in Russia pulling sled with my fellow comrade huskies, but nooo! I’m stuck with weird boy!”


“Austin, help me!” Hope demanded. She was trying to pull in Dawn, who was screaming rubbish, like a madman.

Austin cracking up, holding his stomach.

“AUSTIN!” Hope yelled, her eyes twitching.

“Okay! Okay! Hang on!” Austin said. He got up, wrapped his arms around Dawn’s waist, and pulled her back down.

Hope rolled the window back up fast, while she talked asngrily to Dawn, “Stay! Sit!”

“How come I can make Austin laugh, but not you?” Dawn asked, her eyes twinkling, mischievously.

Hope gave her a look, an eyebrow raised. Dawn gave her a similar look, but she crossed her eyes. Hope turned away, burying her face in her hands. Her shoulders began to shake, and she was making muffled noises.

Dawn frowned. “Hope?”

“Uh- oh,” Austin said,” I think you over did it, this time, Dawn.”

Dawn placed her hands on Hope’s shoulders comfortingly. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry!”

Hope didn’t look up.

“I was being a brat, and I wasn’t thinking about all the stress that you’ve been-”

Before Dawn finished her apology, Hope looked up smiling. She had been laughing.

Dawn and Austin’s faces relaxed.

“THAT’S IT! I’VE HAD IT!” Colleen was screaming.

Dawn, Austin, and Hope looked at her. Colleen was gripping the wheel tightly, and there were steam coming out of her ears. She was turning red, and she made the others nervous.

“Colleen, let’s calm down, now...,” Hunter said, slowly.

Colleen let out a low growl, and pushed a couple of buttons.

“Uh, Colleen...,” Hunter said, his eyes growing wide, “... I don’t think-!!”

Colleen pulled a lever. Dawn, Austin, and Hope began screaming, holding on to each other.


“Holy!!” Exile cried. “What is Comrade Colleen doing?!” He, along with Blitz and Shag, watched as the Street Rover grew wings, and hovered a few feet above the other cars. With the speed of light, it flew off, and became a streak of blur.

“I think we should follow them,” Blitz said.

“All right, hang on...,” Exile grumbled. “Next time, they should tell us if they’re going to go off like rocketski!”


Austin opened the door on Hope’s side, and helped her out of the car. He offered a hand to Dawn, but she refused it, jumping out of the car energetically.

“Wee! What a rush!” Dawn patted the Street Rover. “I’ve got to get me one of these babies!!!”

Hope, on the other hand, looked frazzled. Austin was on the verge of laughter again. Hope glared at him, and said, “Don’t you even dare Mr. Laughs- A- Lot!”

Austin’s face fell. He was looking really troubled, and Hope felt really bad.

“Austin! I’m sorry! I’m just a-!” Hope immediately started to apologize.

“Shh...,” Austin said, “it’s not you, Hope...”

Hope looked at him, and Dawn. They were both looking gravely at something behind her. She whirled around, and she felt like a pail of ice cold water was thrown at her. Standing by a limousine, and posing for the presses’ cameras was Madame Gastonia Grosse.

Dawn let out a sorrowful sigh. “Let’s go kick her butt... with justice!”


The courtroom was silent as Austin finished his account of the murder, “... she and my master were having some sort of argument, I remember... I sensed they were both very upset, because their voices were rising. Then, I smelled something in the air that made my hair stand on it’s ends. That’s when the two cats came in... felo- mutants, I mean. Mutated cats, you know? Instinctively, Hope, Dawn, and I tried to protect Dianne, and that’s when we began fighting. I was shot with a tranquilizer before the killing actually took place...”

The prosecuting lawyer, Mr. Powre smiled gently at him, and nodded. “Thank you, Austin.” He turned to the judge. “No further questions, your honor.”

The judge turned towards the defendant. She looked at Madame Gastonia’s lawyer. “Mr. Eveel, your turn to question the witness.”

Mr. Eveel stood up, his bald head gleaming. “Austin, you say that you were knocked out before the actual killing?”

Austin frowned. “Yes, but-”

“So,” Mr. Eveel interrupted, “you didn’t really see these felo- mutants kill Dianne Garcia...?”

Austin’s frown deepened. “No...”

Mr. Eveel smirked.

Austin’s eyes narrowed, and he smiled a little. “But Hope did...”

Mr. Eveel’s smile disappeared. “No further questions.”

Austin turned locked eyes with Dawn, who gave him a discreet thumbs up.


The judge talked to Hope soothingly, and almost lovingly, “Sweetie, it’s all right! Can you answer the questions now?”

“Y-yes, your honor...,” Hope sobbed. She was handed a kleenex, and she blew her nose. She dabbed her tears away. “I’m fine, now...”

The judge smiled. “Okay...” Her face became serious again. “Proceed, Mr. Powre.”

Dawn glanced at the jury, who were looking at Hope like she was the most fragile thing in the world. She leaned to Austin, who was sitting next to her. “Using her cuteness to win the courtroom’s sympathy... How touching! How smart!”

Austin smiled, and shook his head, amused.

“Hope,” Mr. Powre was saying, “you say you were the only one fully conscious when your master was murdered by the felo- mutant, Jack?”

“Yes,” Hope sniffled, “he got on top of her...” A sob. “He had long sharp, claws.. and... and he ripped her open...”

“No further questions,” Mr. Powre said, sitting down.

“Mr. Eveel?” the judge said.

Mr. Eveel shook his head. “No questions.”

Madame Gastonia gave him a deadly look, making the bald man cringe.


“I was half- awake,” Dawn said, “and I did see Jack get on top of my master, with his shiny claws in the air. He was ready to bring ‘em down, but I passed out.”

“Point out the person who ordered the attack, please, Dawn,” Mr. Powre asked.

Dawn pointed accussingly at Madame Gastonia, “It was her, I told you. Ew, honey, ever heard of ‘natural- looking make-up’?”

Madame Gastonia’s eyes narrowed, and it seemed like she was growling at Dawn.

“No further questions,” Mr. Powre finished, hiding a smile.

The judge looked at Mr. Eveel.

“No quest-” Mr. Eveel started.

Madame Gatsonia grabbed his sleeves, and whispered in his ears. “Have you given up on me, Eveel? If you have, you’ll be my kitties’ new scratching post...”

Mr. Eveel was sweating, and he was nervous. He paced infront of Dawn for a few seconds. Dawn began to yawn.

“You were under the influence of drugs when you said you saw Jack on top of your master?” Mr. Eveel finally asked.

“Uh-huh. Tranquilizer, right on the fanny!” Dawn replied.

“Isn’t it possible that you were hallucinating?”

“Let me think about it,” Dawn said, somewhat disgusted. “Uh, no!”

“How can you be so positive?”

“Well, Hope saw the same, exact thing, didn’t she? She wasn’t under any drugs.”

“How can we be sure she wasn’t drugged too?”

“Because she’s a goddy- goody, and she doesn’t want to get stoned!” Dawn practically yelled. “Give it up, baldy!”

“Ms. Dawn-” the judgs started.

“You know what, shiny- scalp,” Dawn interrupted the judge, standing up, indignantly, “why are you defending this bad, bad lady?! We both know she’s guilty! You’re only doing it for the money, you little weasel!”

Hope groaned, burying her face in her hands. Austin patted her shoulder, reassuringly. Hunter and Colleen gave each other astounded looks. Blitz was smiling, approvingly. Exile was biting his nails. Shag’s mouth was hanging open, mostly in excitement of the scene.

“Ms. Dawn, please-” the judge began, again.

Dawn was now screaming. “And, you, Madame Gastonia Grosse, what’s your childhood trauma?! You murderous, lying, ugly, evil, and dumb lady?! You’ve never been loved, have you?! Well, that doesn’t give the excuse to kill a family! You ruin lives! Where’s your heart?! Why do you have so much hate in you eyes?! I hope you rot, and die slowly and painfully!”

Austin and Hunter had ran up to her. Austin grabbed her muzzle shut, and he and Hunter pulled her off the witness stand. She struggled to get free, making muffled noises. They sat her down.

“Calm down!” Hope whispered, harshly. She was looking very upset.

Dawn opened her mouth to reply, but instead, her lower lip trembled. She buried her face on Hope’s shoulder, and burst into tears.


It has been a couple of hours since the lawyers gave their closing arguments, and since the jury had gone in a back room to discuss the case. Dawn had ventured outside, sitting on the steps infront of the courthouse. It was night, but the streets were stilll noisily busy, and the tall, buildings illuminated with light. It was home for Dawn.

Hope soon joined her, sitting next to her. “Homesick?”

Dawn shrugged. “Dianne is gone. She was our home, now we don’t have one.”

“Yes, we do,” Hope said, smiling. “We have each other.”

“Oh, that is so cheesy!”

“Oh, and you weren’t?” Hope defended.

Dawn laughed.

“Anyways,” Hope continued, “Hunter told me and Austin that the farm his mother lives in is willing to take in three more dogs...”

“What?! We’re not going to become official Rovers?!”

Hope sighed. “No, at least, I don’t want too. The job is too tiring, Dawn. I wouldn’t last. I want to resettle.”

“But, don’t you know what it will be like...?”

“Frankly, I don’t really care,” Hope answered. “I can’t do it, Dawn!” She closed her eyes. “There’s something I have to tell you...”

Dawn waited, looking at her petite friend. “What’s wrong, Hope-y?”

“I’m going blind.”

Dawn’s mouth dropped open. “Wha-? How-?”

Hope sighed, again. “When I was in the Grosse Eye Lab, they used me to experiment with a new chemical they were studying... They dropped it in my eyes, and it’s slowly blinding me. Proffesor Hubert gave me and Austin both a medical examination. Austin is fine, just a little stressed out.”

“Can’t they cure it?” Dawn asked, soflty.

“No, Dawn,” Hope said, weakly. “By the next two days... I have two days... You’re blurry now, infact!” Hope laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

Dawn’s head dropped, her face scrunched into regret and pain. “What have they done to us, Hope?! Why?!”

“These thing have their reasons, Dawn. We just don’t know it yet,” Hope whispered, hugging her.

There was a silence between them. They sat there, holding on to each other, and trying to give each other the strenght they need. The reason they need to keep on going.

“Hope-y?” Dawn said. “I want to stay with them...”

Hope’s arms tightened around her, but she didn’t protest. “If that’s what you feel you’re called for, then stay. I didn’t think you’d want to leave.”

“Thank you , Hope... I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Hey, girls,” Austin said, his head sticking out the front door. “Sorry if I’m interrupting a moment,” he stepped fully outside, “but the jury’s ready.”

Hope and Dawn stood up, and they both hugged Austin, suprising him.

“I love you!” the girls said in unison.

Austin embraced them both back, and he chuckled softly. “I love you too, girls.”

People passed by the sidewalk, looking at the furry grouphug. What a sight to see. Dogs seeming to know more about expressing their friendship more than anything or anyone!


“The court find the defendant guilty,” one of the jurors announced.

“Gastonia Grosse, please come forward to receive your sentence,” the judge said. Madame Gastonia was escorted by two police men. The judge continued, “Any last words before punishment is stated?”

“I... hate... dogs...,” Madame hissed through gritted teeth.

“We love ya, too!” Dawn yelled. Hope grabbed her muzzle shut, as everyone hushed her.

“Gastonia Grosse, you have been found guilty of third degree murder of Dianne Garcia, and for buying stolen, government equipment, the ‘transcatmafiers’, as you call it now. You are sentenced life in prison,” the judge rapped her gravel. “This court is adjourned.”

“Whoo- hoo!!!” Dawn cried, jumping from her seat. She hugged Austin and Hope, happily.

“To the power of the pack!” Hunter added, throwing a fist in the air.


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