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Marie and Sierra

Welcome to my web page. PLEASE be patient, I am just getting this going!! Hi and smooches to all my PW friends :) you know who you are. And Hello to all of my friends and family that I have not seen in a LONG time!

Sierra-Marie Paige

This is my beautiful baby daughter. She was born at 1 pound three and a half ounces pounds, three months early! I love this picture even though most don't. I spent alot of time in the ICN and can tell you that premmies are scary and beautiful at the same time! I have a whole load of pictures that I am going to try to post so that all can see where my little girl came from and learn how she is doing!

Any premmie parents that need to talk please feel free to e-mail me!


What cute little baby doesn't get their picture done naked!

Isn't she soooo adorable! This picture was done when she was about 5 months old. She weighted about 5-6 pounds at the time! and it was so fun to show off to everyone that I saw!

Sierra and me, her Mom!

Well this is me and my daughter! I have to say I am a very proud of my little girl! I am working on having a few pages to show the progress of my little premmie girl and how very well she has done and how she is growing! Also I will be puttin in pictures of me and my friends as I learn and grow in my new adventures of being single!

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