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La Habra Hilltoppers 4-H Club

Welcome to the Official La Habra Hilltoppers 4-H Club Website.

The La Habra Hilltoppers is only one of many 4-H clubs Worldwide. Click on the Hilltoppers webpages and other links to learn more about our Los Angeles/Orange County 4-H Club and the 4-H Cooperative Extension program.

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@LA: The Guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California

A special thank you goes out to @LA for publishing our club on their Orange County/Los Angeles area link for non-profit youth organizations. You can visit the @LA webpage that connects internet browsers to our page by clicking here.

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Has this webpage convinced you to join 4-H?

If so, please contact the Orange County 4-H Office at (714) 708-1606 to obtain information about the 4-H organization as well as what club is located nearest you! Our members, generally are from the La Habra, La Habra Heights, Whittier, Fullerton, and Buena Park areas of Southern California.

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