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My Sunshine obsession page

Sunshine glover is 14 an She is the hottest most loveable girl in the world. She has already won my heart and the heart of many others. What can i say about her. Your brain will feel like it is being pulled down to your feet if she smiles at you. And if she hugs you, the whole world stops. I have not yet won a kiss from this beauty, but i am still trying. i just hope she someday realises wht i am tryng to accomplish (and that is not just getting a petty date or a kiss). I am trying to accomplish something more and she will have to figure that out on her own. I hope she never finds this page because i will be in for it if she does. I know you can't hear me sunshine but I....I.... 1/17/01 Forget about the I.... I part. that is for me to know only. Anyway. Sunshine is acting weird today, like always. Thats okay. She reminds me of me. Supposedly, sunshine wants me to write more on this page. Well lets see. I am wrinting a novel in which sunshine plays a character named Janeequa who falls madly in love with the main character. Too bad i am not him. Well. She also has a web page at . I am thinking of opening this page to the public soon so that people can give their input. I will also update this more often so it will be better. Hmm. Sunsine is so cute when she is mad at me (always). oops. i am spacing out again. thats okay. let me do it again. By the way. did i mention i am psychic? i can do all kinds of funny things to Sunshine. It will be funny next time she weas a skirt to school. But hey, clothing doesn;t pose a problem for me. she knows what i mean. some of you may learn what i mean soon also. Talk to you later