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Rules and Clans Page


The Puff Boxers

A clan compiled of people that use normal psychic fire dragon and fighting pokemon.

The Fossil Fighters

A clan using only fighting Ground fosil and Rock pokemon.

The Power Pokes

A clan using psychic, fire and flying pokemon.

The Diabolical Gypsies

A clan using flying, water and plant pokemon.

The Jiggly Fans

A clan for people who like to use ANY type of pokemon yet must have a Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff.

The Wild Pokemasters

A clan using any type of pokemon they wish.

The Electric Magicians

A clan using Electric Psychic and Ghost pokemon

The Squirtle Squad

A clan that uses any type of pokemon but must have a squirtle and at least 2 other water pokemon.

TheColorless Critters

A Clan that uses normal flying and bug pokemon

Dungeon Dwellers -P-350

This is the only clan that you have to pay to get in to. This is a type of Sub-Guild. When you join this you still are in your old guild except you are also in this one. People in this guild keep there old set of pokemon but also pick a new group of 6 to 10 new pokes. The new pokes they choose can be ANY pokemon the want.(i.e) Mewtwo Zapdos Moltres raichu, you name it! any pokemon you want. There is a catch though. You can only have a super battle with other people in the Dungeon Dwellers, but you may have a regular battle with your old pokemon with members of other guilds. When you are in the Dungeon Dwellers wins are worth 2 points and your puff pointsd for winning are doubled. Losses however are worth two loss points and your opponent gains double the puff points.


Now for the rules:


Each person that would like to join a clan must first email me using the address provided at the bottom of the page.


You will then pick a team of 10 pokemon that you would like to use while battling your opponent.


You are limited to pick at least 6 pokemon at minimum 10 at max


You must only pick the types of pokemon that your clan uses. For example: If you were a puff boxer you would use normal psychic and fighting pokemon.


When you are part of a clan you put the name of your clan at the end of your name.


When you win you win you get Puff Points. The symbol for it is -P- (write it -P-, not just P). You show wins losses and -P- as: -P- 76 W 5 L 7. That means you have 76 puff points 5 wins and 7 losses.


Puff points are used to buy power-ups, that make your pokemon stronger in different ways .I will keep track of what you buy. The list to buy things is up and ready for people to buy stuff. There is a link on the main page and on this one.


Each battle needs a refferee. 2 people fight one person refs. The ref decides what happens after people say their attacks. If they hit or not or if they are effective or not. Super effectiveness and not very effectiveness counts here just like in the game. Refs also decide if a person wins or loses. You must also tell your record to the ref.


After each attack the ref will give a brief summary of what happened during that turn. He will tell how much percentage of life each pokemon has.


People get 10 Puff Points for reffing. The refferee must also send me the results, if there was a dispute that I must solve and what power-ups and pokemon were used during a battle and the two opponents records.


If there are any disputes that I must solve the ref must copy the entire battle and email it to me.


If a power up is used during the battle that the person does not have and that person ends up winning, then the match is atomatically won by the opponent.


Rules for using power ups will be on its page.


Going back to the part about battling, people will chose the amout of pokemon to be used from 1 to 6. You can chose any of your 10 pokemon to use. You will private chat them to the ref.


The ref will flip a coin to find out who goes first.




There will soon be a rankings page.


Going back to reffing , the ref decides if your pokemon does too strong of an attack. If the attack you use is past its evolutionary level he will say for example, Pikachu did not follow orders, or he may say pikachu did static bolt instead.


If you had a pokemon that beats another pokemon in one battle, for example rattata beats pidgey, you cannot use that pokemon until you have fought one more battle, because they need beauty sleep. If you used one and that pokemon lost, however, you can still use it.


If you call back a pokemon you MAY send it back out and it does not count as a victory for the opponent.


A pokemon can have any status disorder. (paralysis) The ref decides when it wears off.


If you are crude rude or disrespectful to the ref he can forfeit you and give a win to the opponent.


You can win special badges (boulderbadge etc.) by beating certain trainers. Soon I will have leaders for certain Clans. Eaterplant, who is myself, runs the Puff Boxers. Who knows you may lead one too!


If you play someone within 5 wins of you and you win you get 5 -P-. 6-10 wins= 10-P-. 11-15 wins = 20-P- 16- anthing else equals 35 -P-.


Refs must record all of the power-ups that you use and send them in an email to me.


Anyone can ref a battle.


everyone starts with -P-30


Pick a place to fight then click on the link to that place. There is where you battle.


The places you can fight are Celedon City Gym, St Anne, Cinnabar Mansion, Indigo Plateau, Jasmine Town, Mt Moon and the wild pokemon fields. You can probably figure out what the area you play in is like but if not there is a short description on each page. Remember objects from each area can change things that happen during the battle. Refs remember this when writing up summaries.


In and only in The Wild Pokemon Fields can you catch Pokemon. You can only catch basic pokemon and you must have a ref watch you. the ref will act as the pokemon and fight you. If yo9u weaken it you are allowed to throw a pokeball. You are limited to 5 pokeballs per battle. It also costs -P-25 every time you do it. The ref must email me what you caught. happy hunting!


You will be able to trade here now. You can trade one pokemon for another in the trade center. i must get an email from both people trading AND a witness to verify the trade. But unfortunately it cost -P-10 here.


Remember to email me telling me what your pokemon are and what clan you are joining.


If a pokemon loses five times in a row without winning it dies. You may not use it again afterwards unless you catch another one. If you do win with it the count of its losses start over.


If you have a farfetched or a meowth and I, Eaterplant, am in the arena at the time I maY let you steal a small amout of money from your opponent.


HAVE A TRUCKLOAD OF FUN!!!! Email me with any incovienences or problems you may have.

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