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Power Up Palace

Here a the possible power-ups you can get, their prices and descriptions.

Attack-up -P-30

Makes the pokemon do critical hits for the next 5 turns

Defense-up -P-30

Makes the opposing pokemon do weak hits the next 5 turns

Type Disabler -P-50

Makes Super effectiveness AND not very effectiveness disabled. Meaning they uneffective

Potion -P-50

Heals 20 % of your pokemon's life.

Heal -P- 50

Heals any status disorder

Super Potion -P-75

Heals 50% of life

Maximum Potion -P-125

Completely heals your pokemon of status disorder AND all of its life.

Chaos -P-450

Kills all pokemon that your opponent returned or has out. It also kills the pokemon he/she has out.

All stones P-60- each

Evolution Chamber -P- 250

Evolves a 1st evolution pokemon into its 3rd evolution.


If you have the Water Fire and Thunder stones and an eevee you may use those and an evolution chamber to yeild a Joltflaporon. It is a Jolteon Flareon and Vaporeon put together.

fossils -P-75

fossils allow you either Kabuto or Omanyte

Old Amber 125

allows you to get an Aerodactyl You can also Buy certain pokemon here.

Bulbasaur -P-35

Ivysaur -P-100

Venusaur -P-275

Squirtle -P-35

Wartortle -P-100

Blastoise -P-275

Charmander -P-35

Charmeleon -P-100

Charizard -P-275

Caterpie -P-20

Metapod -P-55

Butterfree -P-100

Weedle -P-20

Kakuna -P-55

Beedrill -P-100

Zapdos -P-300

Articuno -P-300

Moltres -P-300

Mewtwo -P-350

Mew -P-500

That is all for now. Email me with your purchases.

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