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A book i'm writing


Some time ago, in a dimension and galaxy never before discovered, a great war was forged. This war was the responsibility of two species: the Eaterplants and the Orzacks. The Eaterplants are a species advanced in power and strength. But, they are only warriors because they have to be. They are led by their brave, courageous, intelligent leader "King Davricle Zelfellah." The Orzacks on the other hand, Rely on their brute strength and power. But, they are not pure evil. They are intelligent, but they are not half as smart as the Eaterplants. The Orzacks are led by Crangolian-Reritetch-Avilican-Nethrone -Golon-Orzack." Now you know why he is called, "Crango." He is the most crude, senseless, heartless, evil being ever to walk on the planet of Mastevoid, his home planet. He is like the larvae that feeds on the insect it is placed on ever since it's birth. All of his senseless wars lasts thousands and thousands of years. Because of those wars he has enslaved thousands of galaxies. How is this possible you may ask? Well that answer is simple. Like the Eaterplants, He is immortal, he can not die unless killed in battle! He has stolen their treasures and brainwashed their families into working for him. Even as you read this, the war wages on. Out in space Orbiting Meteor J76, The Gravity ship, which is used to fight on planets with low gravity, called the Cosmic Destroyer was floating peacefully when it was hit by cloaked sleptonic fusion pulse missile. It disabled two of the four main engines, and the navitrone. The navitrone is the device that allows the Eaterplants to steer with their thoughts. That ship carried over 20,000 Eaterplant warriors and scientists and the king himself. They helplessly spiraled straight forward into a vortex. It is not a black hole. A black hole would crush them if they were sucked inside, a vortex transports them to a new vortex in another dimension and/or new galaxy. The Cosmic Destroyer disappeared into the dark and dangerous depths of the vortex, and the split second it went in it came out in the Milky Way Galaxy in the ever so tiny solar system of Earth. They tumbled down to the beautiful planet. The ship managed to steer its way to an uninhabited island out of the sight of humans. They crashed directly into an active volcano! Somehow, they all knew they would escape with their lives still intact, but they never knew they would leave something, or someone, very important behind! Then the volcano erupted!

Hunting with the Eaterplants The diary of Jacob McOrthe

Chapter 1 March 23 1998

The Name's McOrthe, Jacob McOrthe, of the Jewish religion. I am 18 years old, and I have a job unknown to the government, but now known by you. I am a super-natururalist, a person who studies weird and unworldly paranormal occurrences. Two years ago my wealthy parents vanished. Just vanished. Without leaving any traces of anything. Police are still baffled about the entire incident, even though I kept telling them I knew what was wrong. It was aliens. No one believed me. It was then that I knew my real profession in life should be. They finally considered my parents as dead. My father left me everything in his will, including his convertible, the family fortune of 52 million dollars, and our huge 3 story Victorian house in the country, including various other things. Using some of my new inherited fortune I hired a construction crew to build a huge laboratory underneath my new house. That laboratory would be used for my study of alien life. During the construction, some of the workers were wondering what the laboratory was going to be for. Of course I had to lie. I couldn't just say that I am super-naturalist, a person who studies alien life-forms. So I did lie. " It's a top-secret government project, I can't explain anything." I heard one of them mumble, "Weird, very weird." then they went back to work. Then the day came. March 23, the day the lab was finished. It was huge, but it was beautiful. I walked down one of the smoothly polished linoleum aisles, and I gazed in awe at the rows of blue tiled lab tables and cotton padded steel chairs. On the tables were shimmering test tubes gleaming from the lamps strewn along the ceiling. Beside the test tubes stood huge microscopes able to magnify a specimen 1,000,000 times. Near the edge of the table sat a laser, good for countless things, no doubt. And plenty of space for new things too, including 4 gigantic garages I told the construction crew to include. After I was sure that the lab was perfect and everything was their, I paid the head construction worker his tidy sum of almost 4 million dollars. He left talking to himself and saying, "Where do kids get there allowance these days?!" I then decided it was time to acquire my first extraterrestrial. But first I would need a vehicle. I went to my local hardware store and purchased: sheet metal, tires and inflatable rafts. then I went to the body shop and bought: engines, car, boat and airplane parts. Of course they wouldn't all fit in my convertible so both stores offered to deliver them at no extra charge. I went home and prepared my lab. I heated up my lasers, fired up my welders, and waited, and waited and waited. Then on the day I thought it would come, I waited. Exactly two months, eighteen days, and eleven hours since I bought the items, they arrived. The delivery man put out his hand and I gave him a high five. He shook his head and sighed. I said, "Oh you want a tip, don't you!" I made a motion like I was going to take some money from my pocket, but then I pointed at him winked and said, "don't bet on the horses!" Then I went into my house with my deliveries, and erupted in laughter. I started work on my vehicle . When my parents were abducted I had just graduated from my "Mechanic In You" course at college. You may think it is weird that I am already in college. My high school teachers suggested that I should skip,(considering the fact that I got straight A's since 1st grade) so I did. I worked long and hard, welding, melting and nailing sheet metal together for 1 month 2 weeks and 4 days, until I was finished with my vehicle. Actually I was finished a week before. I don't like to waste things, so after I finished, I used the scraps to make various attachments to the vehicle such as guns, swords, a drill to plow through walls or dirt, an inflatable raft if somehow I ended up on the water. Plus I installed extremely powerful engines which makes my vehicle faster than a stealth bomber. It was big enough for five people to sleep in. Then I looked at my invention and smiled, " I dub thee The McOrthe 1 !," I proclaimed, " Now it's time to test it!"

Chapter 2 June 1, 1998

I was so excited that I was shaking as I scanned the web search results. I searched under the words: "alien sightings." I got 35,782 sites and 239 categories as a result. I clicked on the category labeled "captive aliens / extra terrestrials." This time, the results were lowered to 27 sites. I chose the closest one to my house. Don't mind where that is right now. It also gave a short summary. It read, "Two creatures that speak and understand English, somehow. They say that they can speak our language, but they are really talking "Leeshain" because there is a type of advanced translator in their throat. They have a sort of minty aquamarine color of skin. There ears are microscopic, so they don't hear very well. They have two eyes, from what I can see, located on their chest. Their mouth is on their head. The mouth completely circles their head. They also have 5 legs and arms and. On their hands are two fingers and thumb and they have 3 toes. They are about 6 feet tall. They have a large tail that matches their skin color They appear to be warriors from the claws on their shoulders spine and fingers and toes. The male has a sheath with a very odd looking sword in it. The female has a staff. I will be selling them at a previously set price." Sounds like a good place to start, I just hope it is an accurate advertisement. I turns out that the closest match was 30 miles away. So I drove on over in a van so no one would see the creatures or my strange new vehicle. When I got there I rang the doorbell about a minute later a man that looked middle aged came to the door. He had a beard and gray hair and was talking to someone on the phone. " I have to call you back,there is someone at the door, what did you say your name was? Okay Cheryl, bye." Beep! He turned off the phone. Um, hello how may I help you. "Yes hello, my name is Jacob, I saw your web page on the Internet about the "Leeshain" creatures. I came to see how much money they would cost me. "Ah yes. I never thought anyone would come but I have a pricing sheet right here. The female and male are... " "Wait!" I interrupted, "There is a male and a female?!" suddenly my eyes lit up. "Yes, in fact there is, let me continue. The female is one million dollars, and the male is two million dollars."Said he. Thats all?" I asked. He then proclaimed " Boy, you must be rich! That is why I have decided to tell you that there is another thing for sale. They have given me a weapon that appears to be a handheld laser beam shooter. This is five hundred thousand dollars." "It is a deal!" I stated as I handed him the check for 3 million five hundred thousand dollars. Then he escorted me to the basement to retrieve my prizes. The two creatures looked at me and walked up the stairs. The man said to the creatures "You are going to leave with this man. He is going to take you to his house." "What about the laser?" I asked. He pulled a silvery object out of his pocket and handed it to me and said, It's yours." I escorted the two creatures to the van. They had to lie down so that they didn't put a whole through the ceiling. I guess that the fact that I finally owned two extra terrestrials hadn't sunk in yet. I was really more ecstatic then I looked. I tried to talk to them but I guess they didn't hear me. Then I remembered the ad on the internet: "... their ears are microscopic, so they don't hear very well..." So I talked louder, "So, what are your names? They snorted and lifted their heads. The female talked first, "Me, Leesh." Then the male, "Me, Ain, together we, Leeshain!" "Isn't that the name of your species?" I asked. Ain answered, "Yes! All males named Ain, all females named Leesh!" "Where do you come from? And how did you get here?" I asked continuing my questionnaire. "Ancestors come from Orlea. Crango destroy Orlea. Make Leesh and Ain's friends slaves. We escape in ship! We land here. Ship trampled by big gray creature with long nose and horns growing from nose. Man in tawny suit find us. He take us home. He feed us. We stay there. Then he give us to you." I was quiet for a while. Then when we neared my house I asked," Who is Crango?" They replied, "We not want to talk about that. It very disturbing to Leesh and Ain. Keep looking for other species. They tell you." You mean there are more species of aliens living on Earth, right now?!" I asked in an excited wonder. "Yes, you correct." they answered. We pulled up to the driveway and I parked the van. The three of us walked into my house. "This huge area your living quarters?" asked Leesh. Ain just stared in awe. "Let me show you to your room." I said as I pointed toward the stairs leading to the basement. They ambled down the stairs as if there was something in the basement that would jump out and maul them. " You don't need to be scared there is nothing down there that will hurt you. That is your new home, and hopefully some other species will be joining you. This basement huge! Lots of machinery!" Bellowed Leesh. "Yes, this is my laboratory" I replied "Where we sleep?" wondered Ain. "Well there are sleeping quarters on the far side of those garages, I suppose you can sleep there." "We sleep later," stated Ain, " We explore basement first." I suppose that is alright, just don't touch the lasers or machinery." I warned as I walked up the stairs to my room. Well what do you think of that, I have my first two aliens. They may not be that smart, but they sure look powerful. Over all, I'd say I got myself a good catch, and I am not one bit unsatisfied!

Chapter 3 Sep. 5, 1998

CLAAAANGCLAAAASH! "What the heck!" I leaped out of bed and to the door, down the stairs skipping every other step and then I flew down the basement stairs almost tripping on every step and finally screeching to a halt by ramming myself into the currant red brick wall. And in all the pandemonium Leesh and Ain lumbered over to me. "Why you slam self into wall?" Ain confusedly asked me. I rubbed my head and stated, "Because I don't have brakes, but the reason I was speeding down here was because I heard a loud noise and somehow I figured it was you. Or an earthquake. So what did you two destroy?" "We make machine that make small things big, fall on ground. We pick up. Nothing destroyed. What are brakes?" Replied Ain. " Ah. You dropped a microscope. No harm done, except to my skull. Oh, and don't worry about the brakes part. Did you two get any sleep last night?" I said finishing my lecture. "We sleep two hours of Earth time. Then wake up. We study basement. We tired now." Stated Ain. I then replied, "Well, get some rest because I have lots of questions to ask later." I strolled up to my room, slightly limping, to try and get some more rest. I was unable to fall asleep so I decided to make a list of questions to ask. During my brainstorm the doorbell rang. I hobbled down the stairs to the door. Standing in front of me was a 5' 7" white male. He had dark brown hair and light green eyes. He was kind of puny and he wore contacts. "Hi! Whats up?" asked Eric King. "Not much, would you like to come in?" "Sure." He said as I showed him to a chair. Eric and I were roommates in college. We had gotten to know each other pretty well and we knew alot of secrets. He was one of the first to know about my parents disappearing. But still, I haven't told him about my "job." "Would you like something to drink?" I offered. "Sure, but the reason I came by is because I heard that you were remodeling." He yelled while I was in the kitchen. I didn't see him going down the basement stairs. When I returned with the sodas, it was too late. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Eric. "What the heck is that thing?" He had discovered my secret. He saw Leesh and Ain they saw him. They screamed too. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled the two in unison. Calmly I asked, "Eric, would you mind not screaming?" Then Eric frantically replied, "Not until you explain what those are!" "Okay," I said, "They are not from this world. They are aliens to humans, but friends to me. Their race is Leeshain. " "I-if they are a-a-aliens, how did y-you get t-t-hem???" He asked in a shaky whisper. "You don't have to be scared of them. they won't hurt you, they are gentle. To answer your question, I am a supernaturalist. Ever since my parents disappeared I have been looking for answers. I have found them in my work. I now look all over to find extra-terrestrials or paranormal occurrences. That is how I found these two. You have to promise not to tell a soul about this place, ever." I waited about a minute for him to digest the information. "Do you promise?" "Y-yes, I g-g-guess." He finally replied "I will n-never t-tell a s-soul" Said Eric reassuring me. We began to talk for a little while and he started to calm down. We walked around the lab and I began to explain the purpose of each item he saw. He pointed to the gun-laser-type thing that was sold to me. "What is that thing?" He wondered "Well," I began "That was sold to me when I acquired these two. They tell me that what they lack in intelligence they make up in their ability to make weapons. They made this weapon during a great battle. It shoots out a wave of laser type shots that reach great distances." "Um, I got a question!" Eric inquired, "This thing has no trigger, how does it shoot?" "Thats a good question, but i don't know how it works either. It doesn't look like there is any button to make the stupid thing work!" Eric and I shared a laugh at that last statement. We decided to ask Ain if he knew how to work it. No such luck. "Ain don't know. This not made on Orlea. It found after war with Orzacks." Leesh picked up the gun-laser-thing and shrugged his shoulders. "They pointed it at us and a blue thing hit our friends. They fell down and didn't get up." A look of pure hatred was in Leesh's eyes. Then the gun-laser-thing began to vibrate and a glowing sapphire beam who-knows-what erupted out of the end the weapon and hit a test tube rack. In a flash the beam was gone, but the test tubes hadn't moved. In fact, nothing in the whole lab moved until Eric, who looked as if he had wet his pants, let out a heavy sigh. The air reached the test tube rack and it blew away in a pile of ashes. Smoke was billowing from the end of gun-laser-thing. Leesh dropped it as if it were a parasite, and he backed away. I went to pick it up. I touched it first to make sure it wasn't hot. It wasn't. I picked it up trying to figure out what had caused it to shoot. Leesh was standing next to Eric. It looked as if Eric had just realized that because he looked at Leesh and then backed up about twenty feet. "I've got it!" I shouted,"Eric come here!" Eric slowly hobbled cautiously over to me. "Yes?" "Hold this, this, this thing and stand here. I will be right back." Eric took the gun slowly out of my hand and stood with the gun pointed as far away from his body as possible. Assured that Eric wouldn't drop the gun-laser-thing, I walked into one of the storage room and brought out an old scarecrow. I positioned it against the wall in front of Eric, then I backed off. "Okay Eric, I want you to point the thing at the scarecrow and I want you to think of something you really hate!" He looked as if I was crazy, but he did it anyway. "That stupid manager at the fast food place that fired me!" His face flushed as if he was embarrassed, but, Sure enough a pulsating blue beam whipped out of the thing and lashed the scarecrow. All that was left was the head, arms and feet, which all fell to the ground. I jumped 30 ft in the air. I've got it! The gun works on emotions! when you think of something you hate it fires! And it was then that I learned how to use my first alien weapon.

Chapter 4 Dec. 31, 1998

As the weeks passed, we did more experiments with "the thing," as it came to be known. WE found that other emotions, besides hate, make the thing do different things. Love makes the thing shoot a pink beam and sadness makes the gun shoot a black beam and so on. Hate is the strongest beam though. I got to know the Leeshain a little better and found out that Leesh is expecting a child. Eric started making frequent visits to the lab. He likes to help out with experiments and he is starting to loosen up around Leesh and Ain. As far as I can tell he has kept his promise not to tell anyone about them. He helped me look up information on the web about alien sightings. We found a lot of pages, but, up until a few days ago it didn't seem like finding another alien was possible. Then we struck gold. On the site we went to, there was a picture of a shadowy creature. It was too shadowy to tell any distinctive features, but its outline was clear. Underneath the picture, a caption read: "People used to think this old mine was haunted, but now, people think an alien lives in it thanks to this picture by Bob Stanley." That caption made us think. It could be a real picture or it could be a practical joke. We decided to ask Leesh and Ain if they recognized the being in the picture. " Bolthrots! " they both shouted, "They fought with us against Orzacks. They good-natured creatures. Are you going to bring some of them here?" They both sounded so happy that they may have someone else here with them very soon, that I couldn't make their hopes fall. " Absolutely you will. But I need you to accompany me on the trip. Also, Eric, I would like you to come as well. "Yes, we will!" they all said in unison. All of them seemed very eager. "Okay then," I started, "Eric go home and get changed into summer clothes. We will get ready here. When you get back, we will all be on our way to the Bahamas!" Eric started cheering and jumping up and down. Eric told me he always wanted to go to the Bahamas when we were in college. The two Leeshain looked confused. Ain bent over and whispered in my ear, "Is he monkey?" I started laughing and shook my head as Eric was leaving, "No Ain he isn't a monkey he is just happy" When Eric returned, we were all packed. The McOrthe 1 was all packed. In the vehicle was a compass, a flashlight, various food items, Leesh's staff and Ain's sword, the Thing, and two swords that Ain specially crafted for Eric and me. My sword was long and skinny with a strange glowing blue orb at the end of the handle. Eric's sword was more of a dagger. It was short and fat with an orange orb at the end. We were a strange looking group in a strange looking vehicle, so we decided to travel underground. For the first time I started the engine. It purred like a kitten. I set the auto-pilot to stop at the coast of Florida. When it did I would have to change the settings on the vehicle from underground to underwater. Within seconds the vehicle started moving. I drove it to a spot in the lab that i had designated to be the drilling spot. Once it got there it went straight through the wall. "Okay everyone its smooth sailing from here." I said. I should have bit my tounge. "Aren't we driving?" asked Leesh. Eric and I both laughed. Leesh and Ain looked as if we were crazy. I glanced at the clock. It was almost 11:30 P.M. "I am going to hit the sack." I stated as I yawned. "You guys should go to sleep too, but Leesh, don't ask why I would hit a sack, it is too late to explain anything." I woke the next morning to the sound of a frying pan hitting a stove. I peeked out of the covers to see Eric standing in the kitchen. I caught the aroma of fried eggs and bacon. Eric turned his head toward me. "Good morning. I thought I would cook breakfast. Looks like those Home Ec. classes are coming in handy!" "What time is it?" I inquired while I was getting dressed. "It is about 9:00 A.M., and those two are still out like a light!" He replied motioning towards Leesh and Ain. It seemed as if Eric was getting less nervous around the each time he saw them. I walked to the front of the vehicle and checked the computer. It was Forty-Seven minutes until we arived at the shore and scared the heck out of everyone that happened to be on the beach. I would be scared too if what looked like a giant RV with a drill on top suddenly popped out of the ground. Then my stomach rumbled. "I could go for some of those eggs Eric," I said reaching for a plate. "Sure, there are some already on the table." Replied Eric. I sat down at the table at started on some eggs.