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The Gharri people hired  a lawyer and news agency personal to go and cover pre planned massive demonstration protesting against unfair treatment and unjustified arrest of their local leaders in Moyale, Kenya. The news media and massive demonstration hit the Moyale city today on April 5, 2000, and forced the local government officials to release the Gharri detainees today.



Victory to the Gharri people.




On April 04, 2000, all Gharri leaders in Moyale, Kenya have been rounded up and jailed by Kenya government.



Mr. Hassan Bake, Hajj Hussein Dhaka and Hajj Nura Ibrahim are among the detainees.



 According to eyewitness reports, they are accuse of instigating violence that led to the killing of three Ajurana thugs. However, the government failed to take action when 14 Gharri people were savagely murdered by the Oromo and Ajurana hoodlums a week before.



  It is the Kenya's local leaders who displayed dead bodies for three days, dramatizing tragic event and insighted  violent against the Gharri people. therefore, those officials should be jailed for taking side with Oromo rebels.





 On April 1, 2000, Degody thugs raided a Gharri village in the Malka Willa district, murdering three people and wounding several more including women and children. A group of Oromo and Ajurana hoodlums ambushed a Post Office vehicle traveling from Wajer to Moyale Kenya, killing one Kenyan army officer onboard and wounding two people including a driver and one passenger.



On March 29, 2000, Oromo and Ajurana thugs in the Nanawa district at Arbagasa, in Moyale region, murdered two Gharri Scouts.



In addition, on March 27, 2000, the Oromo liberation army raided a Gharri village at Qoffole located in theWajer district, murdering seven people, and injuring six more people.



Since March 19, 2000, the Oromo rebels and their allies have savagely murdered over 40 Gharri people.



The following people were among the dead.



1.     Adow Illow



2.     Yusuf Shonnee Ibreen



3.     Isaaq Hassan Edin



4.     Malin Diqaye Abdirahaman



5.     Amo Abdullah Malin



6.     Alima Abdullah Muddow



7.     Qala Isaaq Mohamed



8.     Ibrahim Aliyow Hassan



9.     Hussein Geddee Hapiti



10.    Jarree Geddee Hapiti



11.    Mohamed Salaad Qalliti



12.    Alqare Malin Hassan



13.    Malin Diqa





On March 21, 2000. Three more people were killed. Two of the victims were from the Gharri clan and one is from theBorana. The two Gharri men were murdered in Chilaqo County, near Malka Willa, and the Borana man was killed in Uddat County in the Gharri region




On March 19, 2000, two Gharri Owned vehicles traveling from Moyale to Qadaduma, and Dhokisu were blown up by land mine. 13 passengers were killed on one of the vehicle at Boji, near Qaddaduma, and two wounded. They are expected to survive. One the other vehicle in Dhokisu, over a dozen passengers was injured including a driver but no body was killed.




On March 12, 2000, the Ajurrana hoodlums in Gurrar district, in Gharri region, murdered one Gharri scout. He was tied up on a tree, tortured, and



then savagely killed. According to eyewitness report from the area, he was identified as Mr. Abdi Somo Ellow.




The Ajurana thugs who was trained and supported by the Oromo Liberation Army committed this heinous crime.



The alleged killing of an Oromo individual by the Ethiopian cammmafladge was false, and there was no such killing took place in Sololo as claimed. 



However, there have been numerous killing of the Borana people by the Oromo rebels on occasion.



The victims were accused of being spies for the opposing group or government.




New fighting has erupted between several Somali factions in Qoriyole, Gharri Konffar region. There are conflicting reports of causalities from civilians and from warlord militia, DSA, and RRA as well.



The Forest fire in Ethiopia is continuing to burn valuable natural resources. Over a hundreds of thousand hectares have been destroyed.  So there is no end in sight.




It is mysterious, to see that



the government just sits and watches when the rebels they are hosting are supplying land mines to local civilians and robbing, torturing, and killing innocent unarmed Civilians. Ignoring heavily armed civilians who are going around and terrorizing other civilians is a clear indication of the government's direct involvement in ethnic cleansing. 



The Kenyan government is allowing some of the nomadic tribes to arm themselves, and now they are planting land mines against other unarmed civilians. So far, over a dozen vehicles have been




blown up by land mines.  over two dozen people have been killed by these heinous crimes committed by local nomads since Mr. Aden Birru took office as a Minister of defense right about the same time he and Mr. Bonaya Godana were appointed by Moi. Now, these two individuals are working with Oromo Liberation Front in underground.




On March 3, 2000, The Gharri Community in Seattle Washington, get together, and posted bail and took Ms. Momina Aeymoi was released out of jail. Now ms. Momina is in the hands of the Gharri Community waiting for trial. In addition, the Gharri Community had hired an attorney to fight against injustice and an substantiated allegation that lead to the arrest and conviction of Ms. Momina Malin Aeymoi without due process. Since then, a group of Oromo elders have been trying to solve the matter out of court, but they failed short by avoiding to address the issue that their man was guilty of fabricating allegation of child abuse and attempted murder by Ms. Momina Aeymoi.



On February 29, 2000, One Gharri female was arrested for attempted murder and child abuse in Seattle, Washington. Her husband without her knowledge filed all charges. However, he never told any one about the alleged child abuse and attempted murdering of her strange husband. Somalia:




On February 12, 2000, new fighting erupted between two Ogaden sub



Clans in the Dhobley region. Over a dozen civilians were reported killed. The latest attempt to mediate the Somali warlord and to establish a central government in the county has failed again.



The meeting held in Djibouti was participated by five warlords; including the Northern Somali, self declared president Mohammed Ibrahim Egal.    




On December 10, 1999, Mr. Adow sheikh Ahmed gets married in Moyale. So, on behave of the Gharri communities in North America, Gharri times is sending a congratulatory message to Mr. Adow Sh. Ahmed. Congratulation again.  In the past 2 months, the Ajuran hoodlums have



been robbing the Gharri passenger trucks traveling from Moyale to Nairobi, at Kara-bola near Butte, area.        









Moyale: There is a strategical conference going on between several Gharri sub clans in Moyale City, in the Gharri region in southern Ethiopia. According to an eyewitness report, they are discussing to encourage their respective members to stand behind one of the main candidate Mr. Abdilatif Aliyow Gababa for the parliamentary site. In addition, they are discussing ways to choose candidates that could serve the interest of the Gharri people. There are over a dozen contestants biding to run for up coming local election. Some of the candidates are Mr. Abdulqadir Isaaq, Mr. Ali Huqa, Mr. Aliyow Abdullah, and Mr. Ali Kunaye.



In addition, Mr. Abdilatif Aliyow Gababa is the only Gharri candidate running for the parliamentary position that was held by Mr. Aden Ibrahim.      




On February 12, 2000, a group of Oromo rebels crossed the border to the Gharri region in Moyale district to rob and assassin local Gharri people. While the robbery Was in progress, the Heroic Gharri militia spotted the rebels, and they opened fire, and killed one of them. The rest escaped to the Kenyan side of the border. Also, Mr. Ibrahim Hussein has Began journey to Gharri homeland (Madera), after nearly 20 years in exile to see his elderly father.



On February 8, 2000, the Ogaden rebels ambushed and opened a barrage of bullet at a car carrying aid workers in Jijiga area, killed a driver and injured several passengers, including one French national.







On February 11, 2000, Oromo rebels murdered three Gharri men in execution style.




The killing took place in the open market in Moyale city on the Kenya



Side of the border and was witnessed by over a thousand shoppers.



The killing was a racially motivated hate crime. The Oromo rebels have been fighting against the Gharri ethnics, since 1991 for the control of the



Gharri land in southern Ethiopia.



According to Kenyan news agencies, the Moi government is asking for emergency food aid on Saturday February 12, 2000, for drought and flood affected regions.




On February 10, 2000, an illegal gasoline filling station exploded in Nairobi. According to an eyewitness report, four people were injured and



The gasoline explosions destroyed over a dozen vehicles. On February 2, 2000, the former Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr. Tamirat



Layne was convicted for a crime he committed during his tenor.



He was accused of abusing his power. He smuggled over 3 million worth of coffee, taking bribes in deciding regional land ownership and administrative region, granting lucrative contracts to friend's business. He entered into an illegal deal to export over 16 million worth of textile products.




Gharri statement on the Associated Press Release on the situation in Somalia Regarding recent Coriole incident



We are saddened and disapointed by the statement printed in America Online news brief by the Associated Press on July 26, 1999. The statement reads as follows. "The fighting has broken out in southern Somalia between militiamen of a new faction and forces loyal to Hussein Aidid". It also stated that "the new faction is led by Co. Ali Abdulkadir and is made up of members of the Gerra tribe". First of all there is no such tribal faction in existence in somalia or any where to fight against any faction or war lord as claimed. The correct spelling of the alleged tribe is Gharri not Gerra.



Furthermore, there is no single evidence linking the Gharri tribe to any faction or war lords new or old otherwise. Therefore, we the Gharri people once again condemn this kind of smear campaign and accusation against our people.



This is nothing more than an allegation made by  the  Gharri's enemies and their hoodlums operating in Somalia.  Its intended to instigate trouble in the area and to alienate the Gharri people and to incite violence between the Gharri tribe and other peace loving Gharri neighbors in Somalia and neighboring countries. The credibility of the Associated Press is at stakes if they continues to publish unsubstantiated allegation that was manufactured by the nameless thugs.. It is a travesty of the truth that the peace loving innocent Gharri tribe is wrongfully accused while there is no proof of such organized tribal faction operating in Somalia or any where in the Horn of Africa to fight against any faction or war lord as reported.



The fact of the matter is that the Gharri tribe is the only tribe that did not involved in the Somali conflict. So, there is no reason for the Gharri tribe or its people to fight against Aidid. What the Associated Press failed to check is that the Somalia has no central government since 1991, and there is no such authorities existed to collect taxes in Somalia today.



The 2nd thing they failed to check is that where CO. Ali Abdulkadir came from? Is he a former military official of the Siad Barre regime, or Is he from the neighboring country?  We are certain that the Gharri tribe has no such high ranked military officials in any of the three countries where the Gharri tribe is located. So, we urge the Associated Press and its staffs to be more judicious and to do a  background check of the information they receive for its news worthiness and accuracy before they print it. Also, we urge you not to jeopardize the life of the innocent Gharri people and its neighbors. We urge all peace loving Gharri individuals and their neighbors to live side by side as they always have. And not to fall for this kind of wishful and baseless accusation