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Sailor Moon the defender of love and justice as you know has saved this world many times from the Evil Negaverse.Well to thank her and the other scouts I have created this web page in their honour.Now, we will venture into the world of a Sailor Scout

This is basic simple Information to the beginning of Sailor Moon.Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi which was a comic book which was originally Sailor V the original scout(Sailor Moon is a seperate comic).Sailor Moon was later created for Japanese television become one of the most popular television series.Sailor Moon caught the eye of the United States an was distributed here by the Dic Corperation and was playing on network television. Sailor Moon then started playing on The USA Network till cancelled and then was pick up by the Ted Turner owned Cartoon Planet (We have to love Ted and wife Jane Fonda)and plays everyday at 4pm ET/PT. Sailor Moon can be seen in many countries now spanning from Italy to Canada with a growing following.Usagi and pals keep us addicted every single day with their antics and saving the worlds butt.

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    All Sailor Moon characters, and materials are copyrighted to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation Ltd etc.

    I like to Thank Princess Reeny for the animated gifs and a picture or two.

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