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Resolution of No Confidence In Governor Davis, Board of Trustees, Chairperson Farar, and Chancellor Reed

By: Andy Ramirez

The following is the Resolution of No Confidence I have submitted to the California State Student Association in response to the broken promise by Governor Gray Davis, and CSU Board of Trustees Chairperson Debra Farar that California's CSU Students would not see a fee increase prior to the election,
  Andy Andy Ramirez
I am calling for all California State University Student Governments to agendize, support, and adopt my resolution of No Confidence in Governor Davis and CSU Trustee Chairperson Farar. As President of the California Students Assembly, and as former Cal Poly Pomona Representative to the CA State Student Association, I am calling for this No Confidence Resolution to be agendized and all college and university student governments to do the same at their next meetings.

“No Confidence Resolution ”

Author: Andy Ramirez, Cal Poly Pomona; CSSA Representative

Whereas, The students of the California State University have been unfairly burdened with excessive State fee increases while administrators enjoy increases in salaries and benefits, and

Whereas, Governor Gray Davis promised California’s students and their families prior to the 2002 General Election, which was held on November 5, 2002, that he would not increase fees but broke his word within days of that re-election, and

Whereas, Governor Gray Davis as President of the CSU Board of Trustees is directly responsible for upholding California State University policies recognizing the right of the students to participate in decisions that affect their lives and futures through the policy of Student Participation in Policy Development (REP 07-01-04), but violated student rights and that established CSU policy by allowing CSU Students to be excluded from the decision to increase fees, and

Whereas, Debra Farar, Chairperson of the CSU Board of Trustees, had with confidence, assured CSSA and the 400,000 students of the CSU that there will be no student fees increase based upon her direct and personal contact with the Governor, and would take a stance against any fee increases plus with influence as Chair to the Trustees; and

Whereas, Charles Reed, Chancellor of the CSU, made immediate recommendation and strongly influenced a special Board of Trustees meeting at the exact end of the Fall semester, and after students, parents and families have already paid their fees for the Spring Semester, and planned budgets for the holidays plus dealing with end of fiscal year and tax issues, to raise state university fees based on a proposal for budget reductions in the State by the Governor circumventing the official budget approval process of the California State Legislature; and

Whereas, The Assembly Budget Committee on Education, questioned the Department of Finance about why reductions were considered first rather than deferments, of which, the representatives from the Department were uncertain and tentative with their answers; and

Whereas, Governor Gray Davis has embellished the severity of the California State Budget by $8 billion dollars as reported by Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill, of which $5.5 billion of Gov. Davis' $34.6 billion projection assumes the need to spend money for programs that are not yet State Law."

Therefore, Be It Resolved, by California's State University Students, on behalf of over 400,000 students of the California State University system, that we have "No Confidence" in Governor Gray Davis, and the Chairperson of the CSU Board of Trustees Debra Farar unless they take the following steps to remedy the breech of trust that committed against us:

· To repeal the BOT action to raise State University Fees until the Legislature has had full disclosure of the budget reduction proposals and considerable time to deliberate the issues, and

· To place a moratorium on all State University Fees of all segments of Higher Education until the Academic Fall Year 2003 (FY2003) of which any proposals to raise fee must be introduced no later than April 30, 2003, and

· To invoke temporary moratoriums on maintenance and other programs that can be deferred without placing the State in legal liability before launching severe cuts in the budget, and

· To seek vigorously using all available human resources, legal counsel and enforcement agencies to recover all debts, unlawful or unfair taxation and settlements from large corporations including oil, energy and any other entities of the magnitude of global and transnational corporations that have enjoyed tax cuts and special privileges by the State, and

Be It Further Resolved, That no other actions on the part of Governor Gray Davis, CSU Trustee Chairperson Chairperson Debra Farar shall be accepted by California's State University Students; and, that the Governor shall keep his word and uphold his responsibilities or we shall be forced to seek the redress of our grievances against him.

Thank you for your time and I ask for your support.

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