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"Reforming the CA State Legislature"

Welcome to Californians for an Accountable Legislature Political Action Committee's Official Website. Our website was created to inform and educate people about the Government of the State of California, and State Constitution.

I have just added the language for my State Budget Reform Act of 2003-2004, which was originally included in the CLRA of 1996, aka SCA 31.


CALPAC was formed due to the following circumstances:

(1) The representatives have become entrenched within a political elite, distanced the the people they are elected to represent.
(2) The representatives have become full-time politicians, removed from the communities they serve.
(3) The representatives have enjoyed excessive benefits and perquisites that are paid for by the people.

CALPAC supports candidates and legislation that will bring accountability back to politics and is committed to the following goals:

(1) Restoring the part-time Legislature from the current full-time session.
(2) Limiting the compensation paid to State Officers, including the Members of the Legislature and requiring public approval of any future increase.
(3) Overhauling the California State Budget Process.
(4) Recruiting individuals who will be accountable and elect these candidates to public offices.
(5) Ensuring that the people are represented with accountability by the politicians.
(6) Supporting measures that bring about political accountability.

CALPAC will bring accountability back to California politics.

Committee History

Californians for an Accountable Legislature was founded by Andy Ramirez, Chairman, in June 1995 and was registered with the CA Secretary of State's Office then under ID #950366, now ID #991106.

Thank you to my friend, mentor and State Senator Ray Haynes for serving as Honorary Chairman from 1996-1998. Senator Haynes demonstrated his courage in introducing this very needed reform of the CA State Constitution. He gave me access to the CA Legislature, it's staffs and committees normally reserved to Constitutional Officers and their staffs. Ray saw to it that be able to oversee every last detail from my bills introduction until it was finally defeated by a no-vote by the Rules Committee led by former Senator and current State Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

Special thanks to former Co-Chair Dr. Tony Fellow for his assistance from 1995-97. Co-authorship credit and thanks goes to Prop 187 Chairman Ron Prince, and CA State Senator Tom McClintock. Mr Prince provided invaluable advice and made some key suggestions to our initiative version. Senator McClintock provided key information, research, statistics, and suggestions regarding Legislative Perk cuts for SCA 31 prior to and upon his election to the State Assembly.

A special thank you to former LA County Supervisor Pete Schabarum and to former State Senator Rob Hurtt and his staff. Senator Hurtt's staff provided assistance with regards to term limits. While Supervisor Schabarum provided me invaluable advice and assistance with the original drafts and some of the issues addressed by SCA 31.

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