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Hawaian Vacation - Thanksgiving 2004

  Andy & Jamie Andy & Jamie

Welcome! We hope you enjoy sharing our 2004 Thanksgiving Vacation in Hawai'i online photo album. The trip lasted five days starting November 20th, and concluded when we landed in Los Angeles early in the morning on November 26th. The links to the picture albums are located at the bottom of the page.

We basically hung out on Waikiki Beach on Day 1 and took a catamaran sail and swam out at Turtle Cove. Day 2 took us to Pearl Harbor where we visited and toured the USS Arizona Memorial, which is the official memorial to the December 7, 1941 attack. Over 1100 soldiers remain entombed within the remains of the USS Arizona Battleship. We later took a tour on board the USS Missouri Battleship, which was where Japan surrendered to the Allies on September 2, 1945 to conclude World War II.

Later that evening we attended the Royal Hawaiian Luau at the Sheraton Royal Hawaiian Hotel, aka the Pink Palace of the Pacific, one of Hawaii's most ornate and beautiful hotels. The food and entertainment were outstanding, and the Mai Tai's flowed freely.

The following day we drove to the Pali Lookout and enjoyed a beautiful view of Kanoehe and Kailua. At the same Pali Lookout is a famous Hawaiian locale. The Lookout was where a major battle took place between warriors from the islands of Maui and Oahu took place. Kamehameha led his warriors to victory at this place and unified the Hawaiian Islands and became their first King. Afterwards, we drove to Kailua and Jamie layed out, while Andy spent a couple hours bodysurfing. From there we drove around the Eastern side of the Island to Sandy Beach, which wore Jamie out after four waves, while Andy spent about an hour body surfing. Just down the road was Halona Blowhole, which features a natural hole in the rocks where water is forced through like a whale's blowhole.

The next day led us to the Dole Plantation, which is near Schofield Barracks, home of the US Army's 25th Infantry (Tropic Lightning) Division. After a short visit, and some delicious pineapple juice, wedges, and ice cream, we drove through Haleiwa to the North Shore. We spent a little time at the following famous beaches: Waimea Bay, Banzai Pipeline, and Sunset Beach, home of many world famous surfing championships. Andy did a little bodysurfing, while Jamie just waded out. At Waimea Bay, Andy was taken back about 19 years to a morning where he caught a 8-10 ft wave as a young lad. From the North Shore, we drove through Kanoehe to the Valley of the Temples. There we visited the Byodo-In Buddhist Temple. The Byodo-In Temple is modeled after a famous temple in Japan. The setting is incredible and yet so simple.

We also visited the King's Gate Shopping Center home of the World Famous, and top ranked performing honor guard, The King's Guard. King Kamehameha IV created this detail and modeled their uniforms after British and American uniforms. In addition, the Hawaiian flag also pays homage to the US and UK, too. Nightly, at 6pm, they lower the Hawaiian State Flag, while playing their anthem. The flag and anthem were used by Hawai'i as an independent nation. After which we were treated to a performance by the six member team.

We also drove past the Hawai'i State Capitol Bldg, which has very unique architecture. Nearby are the palaces of King Kamehameha I and Queen Iolani. They are the only palaces in the United States. Earlier in the trip we had visited Queen Emma's Summer Palace, and learned about King Kamehameha IV (her husband), and their son Prince Albert, who died at age 4. While there we saw many artifacts including a christening gift from Queen Victoria to Prince Albert for his baptismal. Queen Victoria and Queen Emma were very close personal friends.

The last day was spent shopping, and just hanging out in Waikiki after checking out of our hotel. We hope you enjoy the pictures, some of which are from a digital camera, while the remaining pics will be uploaded later after they are developed.

Hawaiian Vacation

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