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Vol. 1 - Album 19, Part 2
Holidays - Michigan 2004

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Welcome to Album 19, Part 2! These pictures feature Gracie's 1st birthday and part of Christmas 2004, which we shared in Michigan.

It's not cold, it's Awesome!

Gracie w/Mommy playing in the snow

Gracie w/Busia

Christmas @ Mark & Melissa's

Mark & Melissa's Christmas Tree

Gracie's Birthday Cake

Birthday Girl w/Uncle Joe

A few family photos

The guys


Christmas @ The Wrobel's

Busia w/The Great-Grandkids
Brendan, Gracie, Jillian, Nicole, Ella, and Samuel
Not in picture - Jacob

The Great-Grandkids
Jacob, Nicole, Gracie, Brendan, and Ella
Not in picture are Jillian, and Samuel

Uncle Gary & new grandbaby Jillian

Marcie, Andy, and their daughter Jillian

Megan, Rich, and niece Jillian

Holandia Wins Beers of the World Tasteoff

More Pics Coming Soon....

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