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Volume 1 - Album 6
Michigan Vacation 2004

Andy, Jamie, & Grace with Granny Kathy

Jamie and I recently took our daughter Grace to meet our family in Michigan for the first time. We have selected a few family pictures to share. Grace recently turned 1 month old and is doing very well and as you can tell, we had a great time and enjoyed the winter weather.

Grace at 1 month old

Gracie w/Granny K, Aunties Melissa & Samantha
Cousin Jacob & Mommy

Granny K, Uncle Joseph, Mommy & Grace

Gracie with Granny K

Gracie w/Mommy & Auntie Jodie

Gracie w/Cousin Jacob

Gracie w/Daddy

Gracie w/Mommy

Gracie & Daddy making snow angels

Gracie w/ Mommy & Daddy

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