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Vol. 1 - Album 5
Presenting: Grace Caroline

Andy, Jamie, & Grace

Jamie and I are sharing a few pictures of our daughter Grace with our family and friends. We have selected pictures from Grace's birth, others are from Christmas week. We'll be adding more pictures sometime soon.

Grace with Mommy, Daddy, and California Grandparents

Newest Gerber Baby???

Hi Buscia, Grandma Kathy, Aunties, Uncles, & Cousins

Gracie says "Fight On USC!" sorry Auntie Jodie

Just hanging out with Mommy

Rockin' with Daddy

Okay, where's my food???!!!

Cheeks just like Auntie Melissa

Andy & Jamie's baby picture

It's A Girl!!!

Grace Caroline

Grace was born December 16, 2003, 4:25pm, to proud parents Jamie and Andy at San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland, California. Grace weighed in at 9.1 lbs, 19 1/2" in length.

Jamie and I want to extend our deepest appreciation to Dr. Channell who delivered the baby, and all the nurses who helped us during the entire stay at the hospital for their wonderful care. Also, our thanks to all of our family members and friends for their love, support and prayers these very long months.

We also wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to my parents Bob & Lee Ramirez who on December 19th celebrated their 38th Wedding Anniversary. They both feel Grace's healthy birth is the greatest anniversary present imaginable. Thanks Mom & Dad!!

Below are some pictures we are sharing with our family and friends... We love you.. Andy, Jamie, & Grace

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Grace w/ Dr. Channell after delivery

Grace during nurses' exam

Grace with Mommy

Grace with Daddy

Grace with Daddy after 1st bottle

Grace with Mommy and Grandma Lee

1st-Time Grandparents Bob & Lee with Grace

Grandma Lee with Grace

Grace with her proud but tired Daddy

Gracie and Mommy taking a well-earned nap

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