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Chairman's Message

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Welcome to our FBP Border Watch section. We thank you for your support of the Border Patrol Agents, your community spirit, and for defending America's borders. The FBP Border Watch will take place in August 2005 along the Southern California Border. If you want to volunteer for the FBP Border Watch, sign up, and mail your form in now. We have info below, including our Volunteer form, or you can access it through our site menu. We need your help and support. If you are unable to participate, you can help with a donation, which will help offset operational costs. For those awaiting our tax exempt status, that will take several months for government approval.

It is important to comment on the misleading and inflammatory statements by DHS/CBP spokes-hole Salvador Zamora in calling American citizens volunteering to defend our nation at the borders "vigilantes." Zamora also said that the FBP Border Watch "could be dangerous for civilians to attempt to stop undocumented immigrants, and cautioned that their activities could interfere with official government patrols."

Our response is that it is absolute anti-American bovine scatology. First, we are going to instruct our volunteers to not have any interaction or contact with any illegal aliens that they may encounter. Their job is to watch the borders, avoid any physical encounter, monitor and observe, and contact the Border Patrol. That is the bottom line. If Bush would stop obstructing the Border Patrol/ICE, and stop carrying out Fox's immigration policies for the U.S., none of this would be necessary. However, hearing our President, and DHS spokes-holes parroting Vicente Fox who calls our fellow citizens "vigilantes" is despicable. I don't recall the President requesting vigilantes after the 9-11 attack on America, or Fox calling those Americans who responded to that call, "vigilantes" either. Bush wanted and received volunteers from all walks of life.

America was built on this spirit of volunteerism and community. I am reminded of the World War I vets who volunteered for WW2 after Pearl Harbor, and have done so throughout our history. I know I need not remind anyone of the story of Pat Tillman and his commitment to that spirit. But again, how does a government wage a war on terror with open borders? You can't, and Bush knows this. It makes me proud as an American, to know that those who have served our nation with honor previously, have stepped up to do this again today. In fact, citizens volunteering to defend our nation in time of war and crisis is a time honored American tradition! --- Andy Ramirez

"Quite honestly, I support Friends of the Border Patrol. The FBP Border Watch, I support it 100%. I support any of you that want to volunteer," –Rick Roberts, KFMB-San Diego.

FBP Border Watch Volunteer Form
Southern California, August 2005


*Note - Volunteer Form now available in download PDF format

Radio Debate

Andy Ramirez, FBP Chairman was the featured guest on San Diego's KFMB Radio Show with Rick Roberts. During this program, Mr. Roberts referred to a San Diego Union-Tribune article published today (featured at our Top News Section). In the article were individuals identifying themselves as opponents of the Minuteman Project, and FBP Border Watch. KFMB's Staff was able to locate Enrique Morones to represent the opposition. KFMB featured a head-to-head debate and we're able to present it here courtesy of the Rick Roberts Show.

Listen to the Rick Roberts Show Debate Here

FBP Border Watch

KFMB's Rick Roberts Morning Show, KOGO's Roger Hedgecock Show, KFI's Jay Lawrence (& Clear Channel), and KLSD's Stacy Taylor Show have all reported that citizens can volunteer to be a "Friend of the Border Patrol" and participate in our FBP Border Watch, coming to Southern California August 2005.

Accordingly, Friends of the Border Patrol has officially named our border project, "FBP Border Watch." It is in honor of the Border Patrol Agents, and incorporates several important facets. First, it's honors what our organization is all about, citizens supporting the Border Patrol Agents. Also, it incorporates a basic community program practiced across our nation, that being neighborhood watch. Finally, this gives you, the volunteer/donor, and supporter a chance to tell President Bush and the politicians, "I am a Friend of the Border Patrol, and I am participating in a Border Watch to protect our community, and country, because you won't allow our BP Agents to do their job. Let the Border Patrol do their job." That statement sends a powerful message to the politicians.

*Special thanks to KFI's Jay Lawrence, KFMB's Rick Roberts Show, KOGO's Roger Hedgecock Show, KLSD's Stacy Taylor Show for their support and assistance in getting the FBP Border Project to the public.

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You Can Help Today!

We need volunteers, and donations, which will help support the Border Patrol Agents, and this operation. Anything you can help with, or donate, will be greatly appreciated. We need vehicles to help transport citizens to spots that may be difficult to navigate through; laptops and other high tech equipment, which will be needed to coordinate efforts at the headquarters and basecamp. We will need trained medics, and supplies to ensure the well-being of our volunteers in the August heat. It will also take donations to finance this project and pay for the overhead.

How To Volunteer/Donate

You can sign up by visiting our Volunteers page, on which you'll find a form that you can mail in via USPS. If we don't respond right away, there are many volunteers contacting us, so we are attempting to organize the information. We will get back to everyone individually, and as soon as possible. Any way you can help support FBP is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for your generous support, and donations.

Official DHS Statement on
Minuteman Project & FBP Border Watch

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