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Mort Au Mond

September 4th~~~Watch out for falling bricks...Im curently updating all the pages and changing grafics it a week this whole thing will look different !
April 5,99~~the bookstore is done up to the art section the rest should be finishes in a few days.The web ring page is redone(almost : )Im working on the links page ann the art and writings page--so go check them out.

April 3, 99--my computer crashed but i got it working again, ive redone allmose every grafic on my pages it sould be looking better

March 27,99---ive started working on a book,music store with amazon. it should be finished by the end of next month and i will be updating it every so often---ive also joined 3 rings you can check them out on the Rings page.

March 3,99--ive got the led zeppelin page done up to physical graffiti,ive also added a link to some louis stories on my Louis page

If you would like to know the reason i used the title for my page that i did e mail me and il tell you--its most likly not what you think it is.~~Miranda

My Louis de Point du Lac Page

My Led Zeppelin Page

The Bookstore

Vote on my Anne Rice poll

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