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Custom Figures

Got Milk?

Even though you can see the customs on the characters respective pages, I thought a one stop reference page would be convienient. Recipes and more figures are coming soon.

Here is a list of what Ive done and what Im working on.

Updated September 4th, 2001

Custom Action Figures

EP2-Mace Windu

ANH-Captain of Droid Search Party
ANH-Commtech Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise

ANH-Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise-Made from a Luke in Stormie figure, this is destined to sit on a shelf because my CT one blows it away.
ANH-Commtech Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise

ANH-Luke Skywalker in X-Wing Gear
ANH-R2-D2-Electronic Power F/X with removable third leg. Very easy. You can use the magnets in the leg and base.
ANH-RA-7 Droid -NEW!

ESB-Admiral Ozzel
ESB-Darth Vader Electronic Power F/X with Clenched Fist
ESB-Hoth Han
ESB-Leia Organa from the medical frigate.
ESB-Snowtrooper Captain

SOTE-Lando Calrissian In Coruscant Guard Disguise

ROTJ-Han Solo in Bunker Gear
ROTJ-Leia Organa in Bunker Gear
ROTJ-Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight with no Black Glove
ROTJ-Luke Skywalker in Endor gear with correct clothing and removable helmet
ROTJ-Darth Vader with removable helmet and hand.-Early custom that I used a ground down Luke head for.
ROTJ-Ultimate Darth Vader

EU-LC-39(Fan Fic.)
EU-Leia Organa in TIE Fighter Pilot Disguise
EU-Luke Skywalker in TIE Fighter Pilot Disguise
EU-Tommocharbec-A custom from a short story I was writing.

Works in Progress

1.Ultimate Darth Vader-This one looks done and is actually in a scene on my dresser, but I need to fix his face mask and add a couple points of articulation.
2.Bespin Escape Leia Organa-CANCELLED. You dont know how bad I didn't want that new figure to come out. At least not yet anyway. lol

Planned Figures

1.Ultimate Darth Maul
2.Ultimate Luke Skywalker Tatooine
3.Luke Skywalker from the front of the old Star Wars movie case. Holding the Saber straight up with Leia by his leg. Geez, 2 Luke Tatooines, Im beginning to sound like Hasbro.
4.Davin Felth
5.R2-D2 with Launching Lightsaber
6.Biggs Darklighter in Academy Uniform
7.R-3PO-Thank the Maker!
8.Lirin Car'n
9.Mara Jade in TIE Fighter Pilot Disguise
10.Luke Skywalker in Emperor's Throne Room-If Hasbro doesnt get on the ball, Im going to make this one. The only one I have looks funny doing leg stretches when he's supposed to be just standing straight up in the scene.

Custom Weapons

A little custom I crafted from a picture of Fett's real gun and a Bossk heavy rifle.

Custom Dioramas

Carbon Freeze Chamber -NEW!

Questions about anything?


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