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Dear Jeff,
As a young person growing up in Crystal lake, IL, I learned not only to apreciate food, but to savor the lasting memories a fine table could offer the soul and one's guests. I guess I
owe that to you.My love for cooking evolved into a life-long passion via your enthusiasm and wonderful advice. My father used to fly you from time to time home to Seattle as he was
a pilot for United, and would tell us he had the Frug on his flight again. I was jealous, because if I had been there, I would have talked your ear off! ( I bet you were trying to sleep).
Maybe it's a good thing I wasn't, huh?  So years later
I miss the shows, and have in my small collection some of your great cookbooks  or"COOKBIBLES " as I say. My favorite being"The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Italian". It was a
wedding present from one of our dear friends. I hope you are well, and enjoying all that life has to offer after television. Do a mini -series ,please, and I assure you, your loyal fans
will be astounded! All the best to you, Jeff.
                                       Joan Lutz
                                       Kenosha, WI




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