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I can only hope Mr Smith reads this.
I live in Texas, and would travel to Seattle to tell him in person if I could.
I recently lost a friend.  I asked them, "If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?"
Her response was, "Tell everyone that had changed my life how grateful I was."
So, here goes.
Mr Smith changed my life and I am eternally grateful.  I work as a police officer, and cook in my spare time.  My friends call me the Frug, and I love it.  I am currently preparing for an
awards banquet, and needless to say, the meals are coming from Jeff's cookbooks.  When the show was on PBS, it came on thirty minutes before I was to be at work.  I had a
pass to be five minutes late, anytime I brought food.  I love cooking, and now appreciate the history of it.
Thank you Jeff.
For what you did for me.




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