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Dear Mr. Smith:
Today I was thinking about you and how much I really miss seeing you on television.  I always looked forward to you shows.  I have a
really nice collection of your cookbooks and find them to be of great inspiration in my cooking.  You have been such an influence on
my cooking and I credit you for making me into the gourmet cook that I am today.
I decided to look you up on the internet and was happy to find your site and will add it to my list on FAVORITES.  It was nice to see
the pictures and hear of your history and of your happy retirement.
There is one thing I would like to know.  Don't you miss us as much as we miss you?!  If you won't come back and do another show, is
there any chance that we may revisit your old shows.  I watch the Food TV Network all of the time and see that they have brought back
reruns of the Two Fat Ladies.  Are there any plans of you considering a show or reruns on that channel?
Thinking of you fondly,
A great fan and student,
Pamela MacNish



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