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Mr. Smith,

Over the years I've watched your show and longed for every episode, repeat
or not. My mother was brought up on a chicken farm; one of 13 children. At
one time I made your cast iron skillet biscuit recipe for her and she said
it was better than her mothers and enjoyed it immensely. She passed the end
of September 2002 and having recently moved I dug through boxes to find my
Frugal Gourment cooks American and have managed to lose it. I would
certainly appreciate it if you or someone on this site would be so kind as
to post it for me. It's a bit of comfort food that I could use right about

I also hope, as do thousands of others, that you make at least an appearance
on one of the FoodTV shows in the very near future. Thanks in advance.

Gary Novosel
Austin, TX



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