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 Dear Jeff,
 I often think back to the days that we spent in from of our TV sets on Saturday morning watching you cook.  I remember how we hated when the show ended.  I also know that we were about to run to the
 grocery store and pick up items that we needed to cook your delightful recipes.  I own and still use all of your cook books.
 Both my wife and myself love to cook.  We both like to compete in the kitchen.  We wanted to know that because of you and your wonderful books and PBS cooking shows we became the cooks that we
 are today.  We doubt that our love for cooking could have come from any other source.
 By the way I am sure you have heard of Ethan Becker (Joy Of Cooking fame). I went to public school with him and still are friends.  You were also an inspiration to his love for cooking.
 Good Job and we do indeed miss you.




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