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It doesn't feel right calling you Mr. Smith, so Jeff it shall be.
Sitting here looking at my copy of " cooks Italian "and I'm thinking
back on all the shows you brought to us. More importantly, the insight
into the spirituality of breaking bread with others, a most personal and
sacred thing. I don't recall ever missing one of your programs in all
the years you were on. As much as I loved seeing all the sumptuous meals
prepared, the way you closed every week, was always very dear to me. I
would have liked to have attended your sunday sermons. I think about you
quite often and hope you and your family are happy and doing well.
Something is missing in the cooking world, and it's you Jeff !! I hope
someday you will find a way to come back to us. Until then, " I bid you
peace, bye bye ".
sincerely, Doug ( Lansing, Mi. )




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