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I just found this site. What a joy to see a site dedicated to such a wonderful man as well a chef. I truly did not know a thing about cooking until I started watching you and your show.
Now one my families favourite dishes is your Pork shu Mei (money bags) And I do make more to share with friends for good luck. Another thing that you taught me and I have
passed onto my children when they are cooking...hot pan, cold oil....things won't stick!
See, we need you. There is an entire new generation out there that needs to learn. My brother went to school for cooking and not to boast, I am sure I know just as much as he
does and it all started with you.
Wish you would come back and do another show. Even if it were just a special of some sort. I'm sure that you would have many many watching.
Well, on that note I will take my leave.
Take care in all that you do and I wish you and your family all the best.
God Speed,



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