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It is hard to describe the amount of pleasure that I got from your show.  I
consider you as important as Julia Child and hope one day you will be as
revered as she is.  You both taught us to be comfortable in the kitchen and
to experiment. However, you taught us to be proud of our American melting
pot heritage.  I especially enjoyed one show where you made a cheesecake
that a "little old Jewish lady" had taught you.  I quickly wrote it on a
scrap of paper because I needed a desert for a family dinner the next
day.  It was a hit even with an Uncle who hates cheesecake, or did till
this one.  I have made that many times since and it's always wonderful and
I have my story to add to it.   Thank you also for demystifying bread, I
bake it quite often now.

I certainly miss your programs, your humor and your wit.  Its too bad
slander and ignorance rule this nation.  I pray one day we will all grow up.

Timothy A. Bailey
Columbus, Ohio




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