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Dear Mr. Smith,

I just found this website and hope it is up to date so that it is true that
you are in good health and living in Seattle. Also, I hope you read the

As a Chicagoan I enjoyed years of watching your shows on Channel 11. In
fact, my whole family enjoyed your shows, even though their interest in
cooking was very limited! My son, who is now 19, was a young child he
seldom missed your shows, though I imagine not as much due to an interest
in cooking, but more for the cosy feeling of your warm personality and
being a guest in your tv kitchen. My husband even dressed as you for
Halloween one year during the height of your show's popularity, and was the
spitting image of you for that day to everyone's delight and surprise!

You really did make a ministry of cooking for friends and family and I just
wanted to thank you for that and wish you good luck.

Janet C. Cobb



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