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This is a perfect waste of talent!

Even if the allegations are true, Jeff Smith pursued a career
doing a television cooking show, not as a boy scout leader or
summer camp entrepreneur.

There's an old saying that an idle mind is the devil's workshop;
is Jeff better off now?  Are we, his fans?  It seems that we'd
all be better off if Jeff got his show back.

15 years ago, while being hospitalized (and not allowed to eat) I
saw The Frug during his ". . .with wine" series.  The dish that
day was chinese, called "Ants Climbing in a Tree."  It featured
the spectacular fun of throwing glass noodle into hot oil which
made them "FOOOM!" expand into light, crispy/crunchy things.  A
pork stir fry was then added to them, then rolled up in a big
lettuce leaf to eat.

As soon as I was able I got the book and a wok and the
ingredients and went at it!  After that I was never to be a
typical bachelor dining on T.V. dinners or excessive fast foods.
He gave me confidence to cook.

Thanks, Jeff.

age 39




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