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To Mr. Smith,
I could remember casually watching cooking shows as a young girl with my
mother waiting for the cartoons to come on.  It wasn't until your show
appeared that I became glued to the set.  I was fascinated with the types of
foods and methods of cooking you demonstrated.  I was going to make sure my
kitchen would have all those "kitchen toys" and cook frugally.  Not
surprising that I found out my friends were also fans of the show.  We would
give each other your books for Christmas.

Though there are plenty of other cooking shows on TV now none are as
friendly, vivacious, and entertaining as yours.  You were able to show us how
much you enjoyed cooking, which was contangeous.  You are sorely missed.

I understand you are in retirement (and hope it is a wonderfully bless one),
but if you consider at least a special or two you can be sure to have a large
amount of happy viewers.

Many Thanks and Blessings,
Maria Mellis




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