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I hope i can call you Jeff.  It was a great joy to me to find this website the first try this morning.  I had given up looking for this six months ago.  I sent you an
email many months ago via your publisher and had little hope that you would ever receive it.  I hope you get this one.

Thanks for all the recipes but mostly thank you for all the wisdom that came along with those recipes on all your shows.  I understand why they aren't on
anymore and mourn a society where this kind of injustice can occur.  I hope you and  your wife are happy in retirement and are cooking up a storm for
family and friends.  I now own almost 250 cookbooks but of my ten oldest, two are authored by you. Thanks for being one of those few people who inspired
me in the kitchen.  You and julia and jacques.


Bob (comestibles@aol.com)



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