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Recently, I saw a website which infuriated me, asking the world to boycott
Jeff Smith, who has never been convicted of any crime or admitted any guilt,
on the grounds that they say he is a child molester & rapist.

I was angered to the point, I sent them the following email letter:

Just witness the inflammatory rhetoric in your' website, imagine in this day
and age, someone requesting that the world boycott any person, who has not
been CONVICTED or any crime, or for that matter admitted any guilt.

Very well, perhaps I shall build a website requesting yours' be boycotted on
the grounds you are "allegedly" and without proof to the contradictory, a
small minded individual who raises bigotry and hatred to a standard unseen
since the reign of Hitler.

You should feel at home being found guilty without so much as a trial.

your types weaken our great nation-get a REAL life

good riddance

Jeff is missed greatly by millions who, like myself, learned a great deal
from him, and had fun doing it-there is no reason on Earth why anyone should
listen to such bigotry, and thereby lose out on great food, and great
education, as well as joy of life, by listening to such nonsense.
Jeff, wherever you are, your' voice has remained silent long enough-start
cooking again, our taste buds, and our minds & hearts need you to return.

be well




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