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Dear Pastor Smith,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that you are greatly
missed.  I am from Olympia, Washington and in 1986 I moved away for about 10
years, during that time you not only taught me how to cook, what food meant,
but gave me a bit of home when I was homesick.  I can't  begin to tell you
how much you taught me about my Lord, my faith, and even how to raise my
four children in the kitchen!  I will be enternaly grateful to you for your
gift of food and entertaining to me and my family.  I do own seven of your
cookbooks and your thanksgiving video and have since moved back to Olympia
but that just doesn't "do the trick" like having you in my home via the

Thanks again for all you have done for the world of food and cooking.

Your friend,

Babette Osborn



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