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Dear Mr. Smith,
I call you that because I honor you.  You are the one person who has taught me about Italian, Greek and Chinese cooking.  You are so knowable and I really miss you on TV.  I want
you to know that you are deeply missed and that no one will ever compare to you with all the food history you gave on your programs.
You still have a great deal of people that would enjoy you coming back.  I am very upset that your programs came to an end.  You have so many fans . . . KAET here in Phoenix has
heard from me many times about how sorry I am to not have your programs on PBS.
I just by chance checked to see if you had a web-site -- thank you!!
I am thankful for my VCR and being able to tape some of your programs from out local PBS channel here in Phoenix.
If we ever get a chance to come to Seattle if would be such a great honor to meet you.
Please add us to your e-mail list for any updates on your web-page or if you decide to come back to TV or new books, etc.
Please send us an autographed picture if you have one.
Your long time fan and friend forever,
Steve Barger
2521 W. Augusta Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85051


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