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Greetings Old Friend,

I am not a TV watcher, but on a rainy winter day I was channel surfing
and came across your show on my local PBS station.  Much to my delight,
you were so soft spoken and so excited about what you were doing that
you drew me in. I started taping your shows when I could not watch them,
I started to cook all over again. My favorite recipe from your show was
"Spaghetti and Sand". My entire family loves it!

I came across this web site and thought I would tell you that I truly
miss you and your show. I got your Christmas cookbook from my parents
one year and have brought it out each christmas since to read some of
your stories. AS you can tell you have touched my life with the thrill
of creativity in the kitchen. Something I will not soon forget.

I hope and pray that I will once again be able to watch your
enlightening show, not only full of great recipes, but also full of
history of food and its vast origins.

I miss you very much! I keep you and your family in my prayers.

David Beall



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