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Hello there,

My name is Robert Storck and I am presently 22 years old.  Approximately 12
years ago I was in the 5th grade and my teacher had given us an assignment
to write to our "hero".  I wrote to you because I watched your show everyday
and I thought you were an "allright" kind of guy.  I wrote you a letter and
a couple months passed.  One day out the blue I come home from school and my
mother was waiting for me.  She seemed very excited and managed to tell me
that you had called my house to speak to me.  No more than ten minutes later
I get a phone call.  It was you and we talked for about ten to twenty
minutes.  I was in awe that you would have taken the time out of your busy
day to call me. You also sent me a handwritten letter, an autograhphed photo
and an autographed cook book (the frugal gourmet cooks three cultures:
china, greece, rome)  I want to say Mr. Smith, that you are a kind gentle
man, and I have no idea how your court case turned out, but I personally
beleive that it was all a farse.  You will always be my hero not just
because you are a great chef, but because you are a wonderful man, someone
who could have just tossed my letter in the garbage, but you went out of
your way to not only write me, but to call me.  Thankyou Mr. Smith and God
Bless you and your family.

Thankyou for the memories,
Robert "Robbie" Storck



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