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I recently went to a used book store run by a group who supports our
local library. I found "The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American", and
immediately bought it and took it home to read.
The cover is great. There you sit, holding a hen turkey, surrounded by
two wonderful looking
lads in Scout uniforms, one an Eagle scout, one a Life scout, and a
sweet lady in a red scarf. It reminded me of what is great about our
country and what is profoundly sad about it.

What is great is the wonderful treasures we have, those pictured on the
cover of the book,
and those so well described in its pages. What is sad and tragic about
this country is how our
system of "justice" allows the taking of man's name, his reputation, and
his ability to earn a living.

God be with you, always!
Tom Valdriz
Danville, California



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