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May 18, 2001

To the Frugal Gourmet...

Hi Jeff!

I hope this letter finds you healthy and in good spirits!

I was doing "Spring" cleaning last week and ran across several Frugal Gourmet
videos that I had taped in the 90's.  I began re-watching your shows again.
I watched over twelve hours of video.  I surely do miss you on PBS.

I've learned so many things watching your programs.  And, I know, I still
have more to learn.  I don't care what the media says.  In my mind you are
the best!

I am often down at Pike Place market.  Hopefully, I will get a glimpse of you
sometime.  And, perhaps, have the nerve to come up and say hello!

I'm hoping retirement is not what it is cracked up to be and that you will
start broadcasting again!!!!

Whatever you decide, "I bid you peace".


Mark Mackeda
Auburn Washington



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