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Dear Mr. Smith:
I watched your show faithfully beginning in the mid-80s in Texas on PBS, and there has been none like it since you left the airwaves. Because of you, I
purchased a cake stand with a pedestal and a pepper mill early on in setting up my first real kitchen.

Through your influence, our family celebrates foods indigenous to our area. We are just now putting out tomato plants, practically a religion in itself here.
Later this summer I'll begin the quest for the perfect roadside stand to buy cantaloupe and peaches. I always appreciated the fact that you urged your
audience to prepare the best to share with your family, while other T.V. cooks suggested that dishes or cuts of meat of lesser quality could be saved for
those dearest to your heart.

I have even persuaded my dear husband to try stuffed onions with an Indian flair, and I overcame the embarrassment I felt as a child when my mother
cooked a pot of pintos whenever she made pizza because of your recipe for pizza beans!Thank you so much for enriching our lives with your lessons about
sharing love, friendship and compassion with others by breaking bread with them. We all miss you dearly.

Peace be with you.

- Karen D. Hill
Inman, South Carolina



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