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Dear Jeff:

I stumbled onto your website this morning.  From a quick review of the
postings, I see that my fondess and appreciation for your work is shared by

I first ran across your show in the early eighties when I was away at
school.  I had always been a happy eater, but watching your program taught
me to cook.  More importantly, it taught me to appreciate the fellowship of
the table, the importance of breaking bread with friends and family, and the
joy that comes from opening your home to others.

(No less significant is the fact that my success in wooing my dear wife was
directly proportional to my ability to render a reasonably good fettuccini
carbonara!  We seriously considered inviting you to our wedding, since you
were instrumental in our finding each other!)

I have no interest in the trevails that arose a few years ago.  I know
little of the details and, to be frank, I do not care.  You have touched the
lives of many people.  The real secret was that your show was less about
food that the appreciation of God's love for us and the joy of sharing that
love with our fellows.

It is my hope that you and your family are well and happy.   We miss you and
hope to see you - - if only on tv - - in the future.

Mark and Paula Flaherty
Pittsburgh, PA



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