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Life just isn't the same without Jeff Smith!! My entire family misses you very much!  I have yet to find a cooking show that holds my attention and keeps me interested the way that
you did.  I used to watch you on t.v every weekend with my grandparents who are now deceased.  But my mother and I kept up the tradition and watched it and have tried different
recipes.  Several recipes sounded rather um..different, but knowing that you were cooking them, I felt they had to be good.  Not only that, but it taught me so much about other
cultures and their cooking traditions.  I wish you would at least put out an occasional holiday show, like the ones with Elmo.  I still have them taped and watch them every
Christmas!  I hope you are well, and if you have no plans of returning to television ever, I hope you and your wife have a wonderful retirement together!
Shari Sanchez
Alamogordo, New Mexico



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