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Jak Sie Masz Rev. Smith:

      Thanks to your show, I explored a wide culinary world. Too much of
American cooking is just uninspired "belly ballast". Being of Slovakian and
Franco-Germanic heritage, I was exposed to wonderful dishes at an early age,
thanks to my Grandmothers. Even to this day, I cry when I eat kolacki filled
with apricots or nuts with honey, or even musgy (sp) . Kielbasi, pierohy,
kiska, pork with spaetzle - all evoke wonderful memories.
       As a Catholic, I enjoyed your show on Polish cuisine especially your
reference to Pope John Paul II as having ascended to the chair of St.Peter.
What a wonderful expression! Fr. Anselm Zupka, OSB, from our parish served a
six month tour of duty in Rome recently, and had the rare priviledge of
concelebrating Mass with His Holiness. Fr. Zupka also makes wonderful potato
pancakes, as acclaimed by those of us who sing in our parish choir.
       In closing I wish to extend to you and your family our best wishes.


                                                                    Mark and
Junelle Adamcik

P. S. For Sunday breakfast, I make matzoh brei. If that isn't ecumenical, I
don't know what is!



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