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dear frugal gourmet     my name is ryan  i began watching your tv show when i
was about 13   i immediately got hooked and started studying videotapes of
you   all i did was watch your tapes    i must have recorded all of your
shows twice    i remember every show  i learned an incredible amount of
knowledge from you    i went through high school and entered culinary school
  i was at the top of my class  because of you    i already had learned
sooooooo much    i went on to work in some of the finest restaurants in n.y.
  ( tavern on the green and the rainbow room)   just to name a few  i am now
doing weddding cakes     i would not have been where i am in my life with out
you     you have inspired me and thousands of others     if i can inspire
half as many people as you have   i will feel like i have done something good
with my life     i wish you all the best      i thank you from the bottom of
my heart     ryan



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