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Hi Jeff:

I just want to say that even though we've never met, I want to tell you how
much I miss hearing your
words. You're passion for life came out crystal clear on your show. You are
a spiritual leader and healer.
I'm in my second year of medical school now. I will always be thankful for
all those moments I listened and felt your love for life. I hope that you
never lose your faith in people. As you know, there are good people and bad
For those that judged you and done you harm; please understand that the
injustice they have done to you, will always be seen as stains on their
souls by the judges of their lives in the years to come.
I hope I am fortunate enough to meet you some day...in Chicago or else
where. Please keep the faith. All of your fans will ALWAYS think only the
best of you. Thank you for being a friend.



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