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Hello Frugal Gourmet!!
Please come back and show us some more of your wonderful recipes and wisdom. I have really missed you.
The Food Channel is very nice--and enjoy the shows--but there is something missing--and that is you and your wit and charm and wonderful reverence of
preparing food.
Have been watching you since the late 80's. My hand written notebook of my favorites of yours is starting to get tattered!!
Of course, have many of your cookbooks. But, you know the recipes just don't seem the same unless I actually watched you prepare the dish :)
You always add a little extra to every recipe or a cooking technique not quite explained in your books.
Any who---please broadcast new shows again. You were a wonderful part of my cooking experience. I have always loved to cook and your show just
seemed to mirror the love of cooking.
Take care.  Hope to see you again.
Jean Yu
PS--miss Craig too!!!



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