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Dear Jeff,
I just visited your website and thought it was great.  I would have done it before but, I just purchased my computer.
I wanted to let you know that I have been a FAN of yours since you started in Public TV.  You are MISSED!!!!
Your sense of humor, smile, our chats and of course, your cooking skills.  You are an inspiration to all who have a passion for cooking.
I have lived in New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and now I'm back in New Jersey.  No matter where I lived, I know we could always visit with each other every week.  You are
Hoping someday real soon that you will back on TV, so we can visit.  You are MISSED!!!!  Maybe, the Foodtv network???  Don't you think all the new food programs are wonderful?
You and your family must be so proud to know that you were probably one of the most influential chefs/cooks to bring this all about.  I'm proud of you!!!
Would love to hear from you.  Perhaps an e-mail or better yet a letter that I could keep in one of your cookbooks that I could pass down to Debra and Lisa my Daughters and Jaime,
my Granddaughter.  Been teaching her the basic cooking techniques.
May this note find you , Patty and your sons in good health and happy in all your endeavaures.
God Bless you and yours,
May E. Sampoli
397 W. Clements Bridge Road
Runnemede, New Jersey 08078
e-mail address: psampoli@home.com


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