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Hello Jeff Smith,
   We just wanted to send you a note on how much we miss you and your
television show. My husband and I sat down together every Saturday with paper
and pencil in hand waiting to copy down and then cook your wonderful recipes.
This past weekend we made a big pot of potatoe soup with rivals to keep us
warm here in Michigan. Two days ago I made a Greek dinner including,
Avgolemono soup (my 5 year old daughter's favorite), roast lamb and
artichokes and potatoes. It was great. Those recipes are from your Three
ancient cuisine book, which I must say proudly both your self and Craig
signed when you were on a tour in Farmington, Michigan. We sure would like to
see you again on TV. Hope you and yours are doing great.

My husband and I "THANK YOU" for all of the wonderful recipes and cooking
know how we have learned from you.
                                                               Matthew &
Susan Glagola



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