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I am a classically trained and certified chef.  I have always been terribly
envious of Craig's position on the show.  I (we), my family, miss your
ministry on air tremendously.  Many was the time we would enjoy your show.
We have every book you've written.  I enjoy reading them as one would a
novel, so entertaining they are.  I am truly sorry the Lord allowed this
trial in your life.  I was in an auto accident with 3rd and 4th degree burns
over the right side of my body, burning the fingers off my left hand, losing
my right leg above the knee, breaking pretty much everything that could be
After spending a cumulative total of 18 months in the hospital with over 135
surgeries, I think we are finally through this.  As you know Jeff, sometimes
the Lord allows things in our life we don't understand while occuring, and
maybe never will until we stand before Him.  I do know my faith in Him has
never been stronger, my relationship with my incredible wife has never been
more intimate, and my relationship with my kids deeper and better than ever.
None of this would have occured without my accident.
I hope I have not bored you with my story. but I do know, as I'm sure you
do, you WILL come out of this blessed as never before should you keep your
focus on Him.  Your refreshing presence is truly missed, and we look forward
to the day when we meet on the other shore.

Thanks Jeff,
Steve Hill



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